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‘Resident Evil 2’ Remake Due “Soon”

Among the great questions of our time, one of the most confounding is just when exactly is Capcom going to get around to that remake of Resident Evil 2. I’m not the only one who’s been getting antsy about the remake to one of the best-selling Resident Evil titles in the series’ history, especially since Capcom has been busy porting over HD remasters of other RE titles for a while now.

Well, there’s some good (albeit small) news regarding just when we’d see the game. In an interview with Collider, in response to being asked to tease any upcoming projects, producer Hiroyuki Kobayashi stated, “The only thing I can tell you is about something that’s already out in the public. Resident Evil 2, a remade version, the game, will be out from Capcom soon.”

Obviously, “soon” can mean a lot of things. The project itself began in 2015, to give you an idea. Also, Resident Evil 2 turns 20 next year, so maybe we’ll see a tease this year, and the release next year? Time to play the speculation game.

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  • Victor Ward

    Just dreaming but it would be cool if the remake combined parts 2 and 3: Nemesis and made sense and use of all the repeatting characters and locations

    • Wes Draven

      I don’t know if combining them is what I want, but I would love them to remaster Resident Evil 3, because it’s the one I remember the least and the one I also expect is most unlikely to get a remake.

      • Boxcar Racer

        If REmake 2 is a success (which I don’t see why it wouldn’t) then Remaking 3 should be rather easy for them. 3 is pretty much using the same environments from 2 so Capcom may strongly consider it.

        • Health Fitness

          You’re not missing anything. RE 3 was extremely bad.

          • Common Sense 4 Sale

            You’re clearly retarded.

        • megaman

          No, very few environments where shared ion both games.
          3 was not very good

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