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Watching ‘Jaws’ On the Water is This Summer’s Coolest Experience

Just when you thought Jaws couldn’t possibly get any scarier…

Watching Jaws on land is terrifying enough, but could you imagine watching it… while floating in the water?! For the past several years, the Alamo Drafthouse has been hosting special Jaws on the Water” events that offer up that experience to brave horror fans, and the jawesome thrills return again this summer!

Beginning on June 30th, Jaws, Jaws 2, Jaws 3 (in 3D!) and even Jaws: The Revenge get their own “on the water” screenings on Lake Travis at Volente Beach Water Park in Leander, Texas through July 23rd, and regular “on land” screenings of Spielberg’s original masterpiece will also take place at various Alamo locations the weekend of July 1st.

Via Birth.Movies.Death…

This summer we’re partnering with FandangoNOW and the Alamo Drafthouse in a celebration of Steven Spielberg’s masterpiece JAWS, featuring Movie Party screenings in the theater and a whole new way of feeling the thrills beneath the stars… and on the water.

Imagine relaxing on an inner tube with a cold drink in hand on a perfect Texas summer night, your feet languidly dangling in the calm Lake Travis water. Now imagine you’re also watching the greatest thriller ever made, projected across the water while unknown terrors threaten from the watery depths…

JAWS ON THE WATER is back, and this year we’re headed to the third dimension of terror.

Head over to Birth.Movies.Death to grab your tickets and learn more!



  • Randy Moses

    This = WIN

  • I feel like this has been going on for a few years now. They need to up the ante somehow 🙂

  • Buk Lau

    Secretly always wanted to do this.

  • thetaxxman

    Alamo Drafthouse is awesome.
    I might have to move to Texas.

  • pumkinheadfan VHS Forever!

    Very cool! Need to visit the Alamo….Drafthouse sometime! I thought seeing Jaws and E.T. as a double feature at the Drive-In a few years ago was impressive. This blows that experience out of the water!

  • zombie84_41

    I always wanted to do this

  • Werewolf

    You could watch it inside of a refrigerator box on your tablet with a rubber ducky taped to your head too….What would be the difference?

    The theater in Leander is landlocked on a pond. Do it in the ocean with no safety fences.
    Then we’ll talk.

    • Saturn

      And drop some chub into the water….

  • Rohan

    Ive done it before. It was fun but uncomfortable as fuck. The tubes are really big, even for me, and it’s a pain in the ass situating yourself the entire movie trying not to fall through the hole. I agree with a guy on these forums that the actual ocean would be fifty times more terrifying, because a manmade pond used for water skiing doesn’t really do it for me.
    EDIT: I 100% recommend catching the Road Warrior demolition derby though if they ever bring that back. That was one of the best movie experiences I’ve ever had.

    • I saw The B-52’s play a free summer concert for the Wave Pool at White Water Amusement Park in Atlanta when I was a kid. It was bizarre. Everybody was just floating there and The B-52’s came out and started rocking the lobsters and loving the shack and whatnot, but nobody could dance, because we were all just floating around in the pool. Eventually, the crowd simultaneously decided that the only solution was to demand that the water itself bend to the rhythm and began to chant for the staff to turn on the Wave Pool, which they did. For the rest of the show, I doubt a single person in that pool caught more than two consecutive words from The B-52’s as we were all busy getting pummeled by night waves and desperately trying not to lose hold of our rented inner-tubes. It was a whirlpool of hot madness, cold rubber, and room temperature rockabilly. They were neither the best, nor the world of times. They were The B-52’s of times.

  • Vesuvian Villain

    Pretty fuckin cool. I’m fairly certain the Jaws 4 crowd water is gonna be about 75% pee. Not because they have to, but because they want to. Jaws 4 is just that bad. It’s a urination of defiance.

    • J Jett

      LOL! 🙂

  • Ress EZ

    “jawesome”…i love the sound of that…..

  • The chicken man

    This would be sooooooo much fun!

  • Fr0gg0

    You did this article last year too.

    • Saturn

      I thought I’d seen this before.

    • John Squires

      “For the past several years, the Alamo Drafthouse has been hosting special “Jaws on the Water” events…”

      Yes. We did. And we’ll do it every year they do this. Cause it is awesome.

  • Necro

    Should have a fake shark come through at some point. See how some people react to that shit. The screening while I’m in the water would be something I’d probably do. It looks like it would get uncomfortable at some point though.

    • Tor from Yucca Flats

      or a real shark? I’ve swam with sharks many times, none the size of the one in Jaws, small ones and what people say about them is exadurrated, they are just large dog fish and they didn’t once bite me, they swam past me but seemed more scared of me then I would of them. Maybe a great white would attack though? these sharks I swam with were slightly larger than a dog. Anyway one of those should be put in there. I don’t think they even attack people.

      • Necro

        Man I don’t think I could do that shit! Very brave to swim with them so kudos on that one! It wouldn’t matter to me what kind of shark, although I might do the cage thing. HaHa! Could you imagine the reaction out of those people seeing a real shark?! I don’t do natural bodies of water because of ‘Jaws’; ponds, lakes, streams, oceans, rivers, you name it. And if I do nothing past my ankles.

        • Tor from Yucca Flats

          or a hammer head shark they are just like having a big gold fish

      • ScriptGiverrrr

        They should make everyone sit in the mouth of a shark!

        • Buk Lau

          Sit in the mouth of a shark or shit in the mouth of a shark?

          • ScriptGiverrrr

            Take a nice seat right in the mouth!

  • Already got my ticket for Jaws 2. =)

    I saw The Shallows on the water last year and it was pretty great. Cannot WAIT to see Jaw 2 the same way.

  • HalesTales

    Wooo boy, this would give me the heebie jeebies! They should have a way to knock people around at key moments. William Castle would be proud.

  • augster3

    We do this in NJ, as well. We call it Floatchella. It’s not hosted by Alamo Drafthouse, though. It’s more of a home-grown event. It’s an all day party while floating off of Tices Shoal, and at night they screen Jaws. This is my first year going! I’m nervous as hell haha we actually get great whites off this shore, among other sharks!

  • bigval

    So awesome I’d love to do this.

  • Matty Ice 2016

    Wish I could go …This godforsaken shithole where I live would never even think of doing something like this

  • jason42175

    Lets see them try this in states were sharks attacks happens like Florida and California

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