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‘Five Nights At Freddy’s’ Creator Cans Sixth Game, Takes a Break

Those waiting for the next entry in the Five Nights at Freddy’s have received some mixed news, as series creator Scott Cawthon recently announced that the next entry in the series which he was working on has been cancelled. This is surprising, as Five Nights at Freddy’s 6 was never even announced.

The reasoning for the cancellation of the game is due to “mounting expectations” of what was to be FNAF 6. “Each game SHOULD be better than the last,” says Cawthon. “But that pressure starts to mount, and I fear that I’ve been neglecting other things in my life for the sake of trying to keep up with those mounting expectations.” As well, the fact that he’s been releasing game after game in the series since the first FNAF was released three years ago, and the workload that ensued, also factored into his decision. Cawthon assures fans that he is not leaving game development or abandoning the series. In his words, “It just means that I want to get back to what made game-making enjoyable in the first place.”

Those fans wanting juicy tidbits on the now-cancelled sixth game are out of luck, however. Cawthon states that, “I’m not going to reveal anything else about what the game was, and I’ve asked other people involved to never divulge anything either. It’s just not going to be talked about.”

I know it’s one of those things that you keep in the back of your mind but never think to bring up, but game development is hard work. Regardless of the quality of your games, the fact that Cawthon has been able to churn out six games in three years, not to mention two books inspired by the series, the guy is burnt out and needs a break. No word on when Cawthon will get back to it, but at least fans have a potential movie in the works.

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  • Khy

    Whatever happened to the planned movie?

  • Brian McNatt

    I can live with this. 6 games in this short a time is a marvel, regardless of how relatively simple they are. With a movie in the works and at least one more book planned, it’s not like the franchise is going away completely. Plus, it will be good to see how working on a new IP will push Cawthon’s game development skills.

  • Tryst V. Umbra

    So what he’s really saying is look all over the internet for the traces of the ARG game in prep for its sudden release in a few weeks

  • Cameron Chapman

    i am happy for scott i hope he gets done what he wants too, i was excited for a nother game, but im not let down, scott has been a huge change for people by making fnaf, but scott had done so much!

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