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Bruce Campbell Teases Major “Ash vs Evil Dead” Season 3 Details

We don’t yet have any idea what to expect from the third season of Starz’s “Ash vs. Evil Dead, which has been filming in New Zealand ahead of its (expected) Fall premiere. But a video just surfaced on YouTube from the recent Saturn Awards, where star Bruce Campbell spilled some beans.

For starters, we’re going to meet Ash’s daughter – and unlike Season 2 plans that never came to fruition, it doesn’t sound like it’s going to be Kelly!

Wait until you see Season 3, baby,” Campbell told interviewer Dawn Bourn. “Off the charts. We’re jumping off a cliff at the end. It’ll never be the same… the world will never be the same at the end of this season. There’s some big shit that happens. Ash’s daughter. Ash has a child. And she’s in trouble. She’s a target. Ya know, the demons are like the mafia… will go after your family. So he has to not only save the world – he has to raise a daughter. A teenager… an unruly teenager.”

With the other two teenagers you’ve got hanging out with you,” chimed in Bourn.

No, they’re the adults now,” responded Campbell. “So there’s some really cool stuff coming.

Watch the red carpet chat below.



  • Could it be Mia? Oh a boy can dream!

    • Ocelot006 .

      That would be pretty boss.

    • Saturn

      It wouldn’t make sense,as she was going to her grand-parent’s cabin iirc, so it wouldn’t make sense that Ash turned up at the Knowby’s cabin without realising it was his parents place. Unless we get a famous ED retcon.

      • qwef

        Its actually their parents cabin in the 2013 Evil Dead (Mia’s and David’s) not their grandparents cabin. Unless im mistaken.

        • Saturn

          You could be correct – I haven’t watched the movie in a couple of years or so.


          Just had a quick look and it is Mia’s parents cabin.

      • John Connor

        Grandpa is a dog.

  • NoGutzNoGory


  • I am pretty sure they already casted Ash’s daughter so no not Mia unfortunately.

    • Charlie

      Or hopefully, they’ll keep it a secret and make a surprise announcement. 😀

    • Jarle Solbakken Fremstad

      Yeah, it seems you could be right as one Arielle Carver-O’Neill was announced as a cast member as “…Brandy, a smart middle-class American high school senior whose life is up-ended when she finds herself caught up in violent demonic events.” Very likely this could be her.

  • Bobby Jones

    does anyone know when season 3 starts?

    • John Connor

      Early October

      • Bobby Jones

        thanks man, I should have know that

  • Jérémy Kuprowski

    I may be the only one,but I’m VERY wary about that. It just sound so random… I mean, having Brock in season 2 made some sense. With Ash fleeing due to what happened in the cabin… It didn’t mean he couldn’t have some family.

    But a daughter? Really!? Even though he could have had an intercourse with a woman while being drunk (as it was planned with Kelly), could he have really lived 20-30 years without knowing a thing!?

    This could really make or break the serie… I don’t really see Ash as a father figure at all. Except maybe as a metaphorical one for Kelly and Pablo.

    • Hardcore F’n Mudd

      Ash has fucked more women than I could even dream of.

  • qwef

    Only way i can get behind this idea is if his daughter is Mia and they do the tie in

    • Mehliens

      In the Evil Dead universe it would make all the sense it needs to make xD

      • qwef

        My only issue is that Jane is past the point of being able to pass as a “teenager” she is 27.

        • Saturn

          Maybe she’s had a tough time of it recently, what with the drug withdrawal ‘n all that.

          • qwef

            I mean thats probably the only way she could pass as a teenager (she looks really young for her age not saying she looks old , but not teenager young)

  • American Atheist

    That’s a nice spoiler in the headline. Why I continue to come to this site is beyond me. I need to quit before BD ruins more shit for me.

  • Francesco Falciani

    i’d like see Mia gaian…but if Jane Levy was on the set we already knew that…so it won’t be Mia

  • J Jett

    god, PLEASE LET IT BE JANE LEVY as Ash’s daughter! that would be so fucking awesome!

  • John Connor

    It would be wonderful if you didn’t put the spoiler in the headline, cunt.

  • Jarle Solbakken Fremstad

    I’ll sign in on the STOP WITH THE FUCKING SPOILERS IN THE TITLES you morons! I wish I’d written down all the shit you guys’ve spoiled for me over just the last year or so. Who runs this shitshow? I get that I could just leave, but you could also try to run this site like semi-professionals. Some of us likes to watch the shows and movies and get the actual impact from the stuff that’s supposed to surprise you, not just “Oh, yeah there that thing I read about happened finally”.

  • Vohtrake

    what the fuck? I hope that’s a joke that you posted a huge spoiler in the fucking title idiots!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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