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MTV’s “Scream” Reboot Gets Cast, Details and Premiere Date

As we recently told you, MTV is rebooting their “Scream” television series for its upcoming third season, completely changing the story and its cast of characters. The new season is set to put a new spin on the franchise, while also being more inclusive.

Today brings more details, as we’ve learned that Tyga (below) and C.J. Wallace have joined the cast as series regulars. Additionally, the new season has been slated to premiere in March 2018 as a three-night event on MTV.

The season revolves around Deion Elliot, a local star running back whose tragic past comes back to haunt him at the worst time, threatening his hard-earned plans for his future — and the lives of his unlikely group of friends.

Tyga is set to play the role of Jamal, Deion’s older step-brother. Though they share blood, their worldviews couldn’t be more different. Jamal is a hustler by nature, willing to work any angle to make ends meet for those he considers family. But when Jamal’s ambitions don’t line up with Deion’s, it forces them to decide exactly how they fit into each other’s lives.

C.J. Wallace will take on the role of Amir, a good kid whose strict parents expect him to keep clean during high school, stay away from girls and ultimately find his place within the family business. But when events make him the unexpected target of a killer, Amir finds himself in over his head and his world view challenged.

Queen Latifah, Shakim Conpere and Yaneley Arty will serve as Executive Producers for Flavor Unit Entertainment. Brett Matthews (“Vampire Diaries,” “Supernatural”) has joined as Showrunner and Executive Producer. Harvey and Bob Weinstein continue to serve as Executive Producers under the Dimension TV umbrella.

Additional Executive Producers are Wes Craven, Tony DiSanto, Liz Gateley, Marianne Maddalena and Cathy Konrad. Matthew Signer & Keith Levine are producers.



  • ErnestosOpinion

    What the actual garbage is this trash?

  • Josh Blitzenbrox Myers

    No thanks. I stuck with it for 2 seasons but Hip Hop style Scream is not at all what I am interested in so i’m out. Good luck though…I guess?

  • I love the Scream movies, but I would prefer a direct-to-tv movie of Scream Queens than a new season of MTV’s Scream.

    • That would be a dream! Like the the one i had about SQ running like 7 seasons… damn i loved that show

      • It’s not my favorite show, but I would love to watch a good ending. However, perhaps the Chanels can do a cameo on AHS.

  • Elizabeth

    I’d like to thinking nothing could be worse than the first two seasons, but neither of these guys seem to have much acting experience (unless you count music videos). Also, I can’t look at the name “Tyga” without thinking of Tiger Millionaire from Steven Universe.

  • “Deion’s older step-brother. Though they share blood,” You lost me.

    • Creepshow

      That’s the twist. They are also generous vampires, who share the red nectar with each other.

      • J Jett

        LOL! Creepshow, you always cheer me up! 🙂

      • Well now I’m in.

    • Munchie

      Same mom, different dad or vice versa. Duh.

      Either that or they both go down on their sister when Aunt Flo is visiting.

      • J Jett

        LOL! 🙂

      • Jarle Solbakken Fremstad

        That’s not step-brother though, that’s half-brother. “Step” indicates they’re brothers by their respective parents getting married.

      • Must be the latter because the former is half-siblings.

        • Munchie

          I’m sort of hoping it’s the latter. Makes for event TV in my opinion.

  • BreeBennett

    No, thanks. I want closure to Emma’s story.

    • Kyle Cole

      Same here!! They never revealed who the new killer was. That island episode was just a crazed fan killer.

      • BreeBennett

        They should have used the special to wrap things up.

        • Munchie

          I don’t think they knew they would have the rug pulled out from under them and be totally replaced. I read social media posts from the season 1 & 2 cast that they couldn’t wait for season 3, we’re prepping for the shoot, etc.

          • BreeBennett

            I know, it’s MTV’s fault.

  • Marticon The Man

    Tyga? For real, Tyga? The pedophile rapper?

  • Munchie

    Hopefully this is set at a realistic, real-world high school only populated by blacks, Muslims, and possibly an Asian or two.

    • disqus_JGr7FxyRat

      The killer has to be a white heterosexual male though, to accurately reflect society.

  • BloodyDisgusted

    I’d rather rip my own balls off, shove them down my throat and choke to death than watch this show.

    • Munchie

      I’d watch that.

  • This is not what being inclusive means…
    Anyway i’d liked to see a proper ending to the prior seasons

  • Matthew Reid

    Are they stupid? Emma’s story needs closure, and plus Noah was the best character in the whole franchise.

    • Ocelot006 .

      But black lives matter.

      • AL


      • Count Cuckula

        You’re a dirty liar.

    • J Jett

      Matthew i respect your opinion. personally i loved Audrey the most. i would have liked to have had a resolution to Noah/Audrey/Emma’s. etc. storylines.

  • Kyle Cole

    Doesnt sound very promising.

  • Ocelot006 .

    Deion. Jamal. Amir. Where whitey at? Oh. He da killer. MTV wouldn’t dare bring up black on black crime. 😛

    • AL

      What’s your deal

      • Ocelot006 .


      • le4therfac3

        his deal is being an ignorant racist.

  • hiiiiii

    WHAT WHY? i need emma’s story to be fully explained and closed before a whole new story line…

  • SydSilver

    Despite having a slew of good writers and directors working on the first two series they could never lift it out of feeling like a flaccid ripoff of the scream films. All gloss no soul (MTV through and through).
    A reboot is a fresh chance to do something that might actually be interesting. A showrunner who’s years of assisting Joss Whedon gives a modicum of hope. And to possibly give it settings and characters that aren’t just hollow reminders of how good the first film was is a smart idea.
    I’m hoping it’ll be good, but it’s MTV so it’ll probably disappoint.

    • le4therfac3

      thank you for being a voice of hope within these messy comments. there’s some good talent behind this season. and with queen latifah’s prod. company being involved, the budget will be higher. hopefully this season will be less cheap. also, this reminds me a lot of the stunt casting in the late 90s, early 00s — with usher in the faculty, brandy in i still know what you did last summer, and busta rhymes in halloween: resurrection. the three-night event is such a good idea, too. won’t give us weeks to ponder and eventually figure out the killer’s identity long before we actually find out.

  • Gd

    executive producer Wes Craven, Care to explain HOW?

    • le4therfac3

      i’d like to know how this works too. they still used his name last season.

      • Gd

        he was alive during the planning and preproduction of season 1, so presumably he was approached with the basic script and where that story could go, but he obviously couldn’t possibly have anything to do with this new season. so i’m calling bullshit.

  • Thrash13

    I enjoyed the first two seasons more than most it seems, but I just accepted it for what it was. It was pretty goofy at times and didn’t always make sense, but it was still entertaining enough to keep me into it. I don’t mind a reboot with new characters and a new story, but it sure would’ve been nice to close things out with the last crew. Emma was pretty bland as a lead character, but she was better in season two. And Noah was fantastic all the way through. It’d be nice to see him pop up in season 3 in some capacity since he lived through the Ghostface murders previously.

  • zombie84_41

    It’s being reboot Again ? LOl why?

  • Nathan

    Just give me Scream 5 in the cinemas.

    • Necro

      I’m with you there!

      • Nicolas Caiveau

        I’d love it too. But it would absolutely need Kevin Williamson back and very good director to replace Craven.

        • Necro

          For sure! I’m trying to think of an adequate ‘replacement’ for Wes. Maybe Mickey Keating, Ti West, Eli Roth, Greg McLean, Fede Alvarez, or James Wan (just kidding) for starters. It’s to bad about Wes I was looking forward to part 5. I think Williamson would be involved. Hell he probably has it written already.

          • Flu-Like Symptoms

            Adam Green!


          • Mr. Screamer

            Kevin already has Scream 5 and Scream 6 written apparently, it’s been announced in 2014 I think. But nothing happened with that information.

          • Necro

            Cool! Yeah I really hope something comes along. I think if Wes was still alive and if the studio would be in favor of it we would get both 5 & 6 at some point.

          • Mr. Screamer


    • Buk Lau

      Never say never but I don’t think it’ll come to be. The series kinda killed those chances and the death of Wes Craven put the nail in the coffin.

  • Nicolas Caiveau

    Dafuq ? So they won’t resolve the Brandon James cliffhanger from last season ? O___o

  • chatty ma’am bart

    That’s a bummer.

  • J Jett

    i wish we were getting a resolution to the Emma/Audrey/Noah, etc. storyline. and i admit i know nothing about him but the name “Tyga”…..really? LOL.

    • I just want to know that Brooke Maddox is safe and happy.

      • J Jett

        oops, i meant to add Brooke to my initial post! but yeah, i would have much preferred a resolution to their storyline. i don’t know why the Halloween(?) special introduced a new killer when they could have used that special to wrap up the original cast’s stories.

        • I could’ve dealt with the whole thing being Emma’s dad or whatever and it was him that followed them to the island. Even lazy storytelling honestly would’ve been better for me than an abandoned storyline.

  • Jordan Powell

    So, is this ‘Scream in the Hood’?

  • dsxy

    Fuck me, sounds even worse than the first 2 seasons

  • Grimphantom
  • Mike Gionfriddo

    Who’s playing BonQweesha and Watermelondrea?

  • ChaosHD

    They should just go all the way and air this on the BET network instead of MTV.

  • Coty Reynolds

    This sounds like utter garbage, bring on the cancellation order already.

  • Blarg

    I absolutely loved MTV Scream (season 2 in particular) but yeah, not this thanks. The push for diversity hasn’t been done properly and feels so OTT almost to the point of parody. Condensing it to just 3 days is not a good idea and will allow for hardly any atmosphere or character connection. Scream should pride itself on credibility IMO, not ridiculous celebrity status. What a way to completely miss the point of the franchise, completely on purpose.

    I’ll watch the first two seasons back over and over, fanboying over the likes of Willa, Amadeus and John, but that’s it.

    Oh, and I really don’t dig the middle-of-the-road (IMO) movies either. Give me Emma, Noah etc. as that is ‘my Scream’!

  • Jada Maes

    Now if they REALLY wanted inclusivity they’d ask Tyga to bring Mia Isabella along.

  • Count Cuckula


  • Seed

    This show is pure shit.

  • Sky Ferreira

    Oh wow, they really went off the deep end with this one…

  • Buk Lau

    Don’t care about this flop.

  • Willie

    TYGA?! LMAO!!!!

    No thanks.

  • Mark Lepine

    Not a fan of hip hop or rap and the only thing I know about Tyga is that he was dating an under aged girl. Saying that I am willing to give season three a shot because who knows how it will play out. I hope the casting isn’t just stunt casting like they have done in previous Halloween movies where the rapper didn’t help the film.

  • Wow. Fix it Jesus. This is absolutely horrible. Are you kidding me?!

  • Ivy Julia Carey


    This deserves to flop with that casting choice.

  • THE God

    Tyga? Nope

  • Maxime C

    The show was a fun boring little thing for its two seasons.


    They are completely killing the name “Scream” and we’ll never have a new movie.

    I hope Hollywood will still be doing remakes in twenty years, when we will have forgotten this sh*t.

  • 1naturalace

    So they add black ppl to a cast and yall assume its the hip hop version of scream??? Maybe instead of commenting, you should try to leave mommie’s basement for once

  • Shane o mac

    Remember when Halloween went hip hop for resurrection? Yeah peeps didn’t really like it (Busta Rhymes, Tyra Banks) guess the Scream execs (which or also in charge of the Halloween franchise) forgot about that lol

  • GunsOfNavarone

    This sounds straight up garbage. Maybe rather than putting a new slant on it, they could have just upped the age of the cast, changed location and changed the showrunner and writers. That said, I didn’t hate the show, but I didn’t love it either. I’d have still liked closure though.

  • Halloween_Vic

    Wtf Tyga? Really??

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