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So There’s a Female Krampus Horror Movie Coming This Holiday Season

Michael Dougherty’s Krampus sure opened up the floodgates for all sorts of copycats, huh? Right around the time the film hit theaters, several similarly-titled movies began popping up; there’s even a film out there titled Krampus 2, which of course doesn’t have anything to do with Dougherty’s holiday horror gem.

But a female Krampus? Well, that’s a new one!

Set for Blu-ray release in November is Mother Krampus, directed by James Klass. The film is actually based on the legend of an entirely different Christmas demon, that of Frau Perchta, a witch that comes to take children on each of the 12 days of Christmas.

Check out the first images below.

Tara MacGowran stars as the title character, alongside Claire-Marie Fox, Faye Goodwin, Tony Manders, Michelle Archer and Oliver Ebsworth.

Mother Krampus heads home on November 7.



  • Creepshow

    It should have been called Krampussy.

    • pablitonizer

      Krampussy, a XXXmas nightmare…

      • Creepshow

        See…now we’re making progress. I love it!

      • The chicken man

        When can I rent and watch the first 10 minutes of this movie? 🙂

  • Jack Thompson

    It’s Ghostbusters all over again.

  • Hank_Scorpio


  • Lady Bathory

    I know the story of Frau Perchta… it’s a completely different character / tale. So weird they called it Mother Krampus.

    • pablitonizer

      They need to attach to a successful title. Would u rent a film called Frau Perchta? Doubt it. But mother krampus makes you wonder “OMG is it Krampus mother? the origin of the myth? to me it looks terrible either way! Love Krampus though

      • Lady Bathory

        I’d definitely rent a film called Frau Perchta 😉 But I know her tale and read quite a bit about Germanic mythology. I see your point, though. Mother Krampus is a catchier title.

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