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Man Sees Ghost of Dead Child in Chilling Twitter Thread

So, my apartment is currently being haunted by the ghost of a dead child…

This past Monday morning, writer Adam Ellis (@moby_dickhead) began a Twitter thread with that opening line, going on to relay the story of his multiple encounters with the dead child in a series of tweets that went viral and sent chills down the spines of hundreds of users.

Adam, who has a book of “funny comics” coming out next year, swears that the thread isn’t part of some viral marketing experiment, but rather that this apartment is genuinely haunted by the ghost of a child whose name, he learned, is David. What else did he learn? David is trying to kill him.

We’ve embedded the entire thread below, but here’s the basic gist.

David, whose abnormally-sized head is caved in on one side, first appeared to Adam in his nightmares, but has apparently crossed over into the real world. After his first encounter with David, Adam learned in another dream that the boy only appears at midnight, and can be asked two questions if you preface them with “Dear David.”

If you ask a third question, Adam was told, David will kill him.

Naturally, Adam asked David three questions one night… and that’s when things started to get REALLY weird in Adam’s apartment.

Peruse the entire thread below, which includes pictures and the full story.



  • Brando

    Damn, that’s good stuff!

  • Matt Miller

    Lol, I’m too scared now

  • Tiger Quinn

    That was chilling.

  • David Tucker

    Brilliant marketing campaign. I don’t believe its happening for a second, but I bet you this guy earns about 50K followers out of the stunt.

  • Yeah, no. I’m with David on this one. Provided you believe in ghosts, which I do, there’s simply too many inconsistencies. For instance, if this child was killed randomly by a shelf falling on him in a store, then why is he haunting a house? Also, depending on the type of shelf, I’m pretty sure more than just a portion of the kid’s head would be caved in… The OP mentioned suffering from sleep paralysis. I see a creature sometimes when I go through an episode, so it may just be his head screwing with him. (What I make of shadows when I have an episode is precisely why I prefer to sleep in utter darkness.)

  • Rhonda K. Jackson, Canadian,

    Nope…ghosts would not expend that much energy..even the mean ones

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