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Enjoy the Beauty & Horror in ‘The Land of Pain’ Trailer

Fancy some more Lovecraftian-inspired gaming? Today a new trailer for Alessandro Guzzo’s The Land Of Pain was released, which showcases both the beauty and the potential horror of the CryEngine-powered title. Set to hit Steam September 13th, the game takes a cue from titles like Amnesia: The Dark Descent, where you must use your wits to solve puzzles while avoiding the pursuing enemy out for your blood.

Featuring a huge map with a variety of areas to explore, you must also use the environment to seek shelter from whatever it is that’s hunting you. Armed only with a lantern, you must decide when to use it, as you’re more vulnerable when you’re away from the comfort of your dark hiding places.

To learn more about the game, hit up its Steam page, where you can also download the demo.

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