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‘Fantastic Voyage’ Remake Reportedly Filming Next Year; Del Toro Still Directing?

It was initially reported way back in January 2016 that Guillermo del Toro, whose The Shape of Water hits theaters this December, was in talks to direct a remake of the 1966 sci-fi adventure film, Fantastic Voyage. It’s been radio silence on that front since then, but an update seems to have arrived this week.

The website Omega Underground just reported that they’ve learned from a local production source that the 20th Century Fox remake is aiming to begin filming sometime in January of next year, set to be shot in Ontario, Canada.

If true, we can’t be 100% sure at this time that Del Toro is still attached.

In Fantastic Voyage

“The brilliant scientist Jan Benes develops a way to shrink humans, and other objects, for brief periods of time. Benes, who is working in communist Russia, is transported by the CIA to America but is attacked en route. In order to save the scientist, who has developed a blood clot in his brain, a team of Americans in a nuclear submarine is shrunk and injected into Benes’ body. They have a finite period of time to fix the clot and get out before the miniaturization wears off.”

James Cameron will produce alongside Lightstorm Entertainment’s Jon Landau.



  • Robert Fisher

    Is anyone else growing tired of Del Toro “attaching” himself to projects only to ghost the project all together? Is his work incredible? Yes, for the most part. But I’m pretty sick of him pretending like everything he is associated is with because it’s his precious little passion project. Anyone remember “The Haunted Mansion” reveal in 2010? “Pinocchio” and “The Witches” in 2008? The video games “Insane” that was supposed to release in 2013 and a new “Silent Hill” in 2014? That’s the short list. But as a fan of his work, I really wish he would get back to his roots and just make some magic again.

    • Cappy Tally

      There a few problems with this. For one, he was gung-ho on two MASSIVE projects that took up several years of his life, and neither one was made (those being The Hobbit and At The Mountains of Madness). Those films would have been made if not for studio woes (MGM having financial issues and Universal having cold feet about horror in general). Another oddity is that a lot of these projects weren’t actually officially announced. Sometimes he’s even connected to projects he had nothing to do with, like Doctor Strange. I’m not sure what happened to Insane, but Silent Hills infamously got canceled because of Konami, not because of anything Del Toro did.

      I’m a fan of his too, and as a fan I’ve followed him very closely. Sometimes he’ll just say something he’s interested in and it’ll get reported like it’s totally happening. This idea that he’s lazy or doesn’t care about the projects he’s attached to, it’s not really fair. The guy’s constantly working, and now that he’s gotten past that Hobbit/Madness slump of his, he’s been making movies steadily enough.

    • Guro Taku

      You have to realize that out of 50 projects that are “in the works” maybe 1 will actually go before cameras and be made. It’s just how this industry works. As a director you absolutely must have at least a couple films in various stages of devlopment if you want to be on set actually directing something somewhat steadily. If you only work at one film at a time, you may end up with 7-10 year gaps between released films and no director want to waste time like that. The problem is that these days every meeting a known director like del Toro takes with a producer is reported all over the press and online like it’s a sure thing, which of course leads to massive disappointment or even hostility if, predictably, nothing ever comes of most of these projects.

  • disqus_uqr3Boh0Wp

    The last I heard it was Roland Emmerich directing.

  • Simon Allen

    Boring .

  • HeteroFriendly


    If you go back and watch the original, its no perfect movie.
    Its got its goofy flaws, but its also got its own classic charm for them.

    They’re not going to improve on the accomplishments that the first one did achieve,
    thats not even the intention.

    They’re only going to strip the soul and charm from it,
    abuse nostalgia for the reputation it earned,
    and make it louder, dumber, stupider of more offensive.

    To anybody with any discerning taste at least.
    To modernize it.

    To use it as an subtly invasive vehicle injection into popular culture to push their politics on young people and make them louder, dumber and more stupid before they get a chance to know any better.

    Political indoctrination through pop “entertainment”.

    You might think that last one was me just inserting my own political paranoia,
    but mark my word that I’m not just making it all up.
    How many times have we watched them do it.

    Thats what the whole “remake” agenda is about.
    Exploiting other peoples accomplishments before them to distort your memory of history into a louder, dumber and stupider new history.

    they do want to replace the original version in popular culture and public memory with the new jj abrams version starring amy shumer and george cloony.

  • ShadowInc

    It’s going to be tough to make this interesting in this day, and age.

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