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Elvira Just Launched Her Own Clothing Line

Now you can embrace your inner Mistress of the Dark.

The height of Elvira‘s popularity may have been in the 1980s, but what’s remarkable about the “Mistress of the Dark” is that she’s remained an ever-present, iconic figure in the horror world no matter the decade. Not only did she just make her way into Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, but she’s also got new comic books coming soon!

Another testament to Elvira’s enduring status as a true pop culture icon? Cassandra Peterson has just partnered with Pinup Girl Clothing for Elvira for Couture For Every Body, a new clothing line that comes stamped with the Elvira seal of approval. The line just launched over the weekend in Burbank, and is now available online.

Cassandra Peterson AKA Elvira and Pinup Girl CEO and Creatrix, Laura Byrnes have combined their talents and love of cleavage-flaunting fashion to bring you a clothing collection that is the answer to ALL your vamp needs.

The line thus far includes dresses and gowns that are clearly inspired by Elvira’s most iconic look, and you can browse the collection over on Pinup Girl Clothing.

Elvira always was a style icon, so this was a natural next step in her career!



  • Matty Ice 2016

    Even though she is pushing 80 I still would!!! I’m so bad I’m going to Hell for sure.

    • Evan3

      Wouldn’t she be the mistress of that domain? If so, totally worth it! And yes, she is still incredibly sexy at 80.

      • Joe Cusumano


        • Evan3

          I think you mean 666-5.

    • Tim Hawkins

      She 65, not pushing 80.. & yep she’s hot..

      • bruised_angel

        You’re both right. The role of Elivra has been passed from mother to daughter.

        • Lindsay Osterhoff

          Nope. It has always been the same actress. Cassandra Peterson. She is 65 years old. She created the character in 1981 and was popular throughout the 1980s.

          • Edwina Gein

            Yup, they wanted a new Vampira but Maila Nurmi walked off when she was casted

  • Sorcha MacAonghais

    She is 65, not 80.

    • Yeah, she’s a similar age to Tress MacNeille and Angelyne.

      • Nytshaed

        Angelyne… THERE’S a name I haven’t hear since the 1980’s. Is she still around?

        • zid

          Yeah. Hollywood reporter even did a hit piece on her recently. Tracked down her real identity. Kinda scummy of them.

        • Yup, she’s still around doing her thing, the same thing she did in the 80s. Driving around err…. Hollywood? in her pink car. And I think she’s currently working on a documentary.

  • Dick Dale

    I met her in person about three years ago. Not only did she look absolutely AMAZING, she was so nice and friendly. Elvira RAWKS!! And, er.. yes, ladies. Wear these outfits. They look sexy. 🙂



    • Duane Clements

      Muself as well Good for her

  • Robyn Gardam

    Oh goody, there’s clothing for us ladies who have a little more curve than some…excellent! 🙂

  • James

    Far from the real thing. Should have a much more plunging neckline and include a large box of toupee tape.

  • Well at least they look modern. When I looked at the title image I thought you’d have to have your breast hanging out like Elvira’s actual costume but that is not the case, there’s a time and a place and a place and a time for that. Cassandra Peterson sure is smart – those goth chicks will be all over these costumes.

  • Snead Hearn

    Cassandra is much hotter in real life than in her Elvira getup.

    • Ben Deroveur


    • Bree Collins

      Depends on what you’re into lol.

  • Ben Deroveur

    I’m not worried until I see the “Plus sizes available”.

    • Jen Love

      sorry no plus sizes for you …lol

    • Plus sizes ARE available – up to 4x!

      • Ben Deroveur


    • Jamie Lewis

      What a shitty thing to say.

      • Ben Deroveur

        Meh…..SOME things should have limits but, spoken like a true fatty.

    • LizzardofOz

      You gotta love it when fat old grey wrinkly dudes complain about “fatties”. It’s all talk. Ben would lose his shyte if anything looked him over… even once.

  • Sagan Amery

    OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ELVIRA CLOTHING. Okay, calming down. 😀

  • Sofyan Surya Diningrat

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    Thank you

  • Joie de vivre

    Thank God, because TJ Maxx was running out of these same lame black dresses.

  • Sharla Hulewicz

    looks cheap

    • Rachel Pettit

      Yeah and repetitive

    • Lorelei Lee87

      Variations on a basic design. Hopefully there is more than that.

    • zid

      …do you even get what Elvira’s gig is even all about? She’d probably consider that a compliment.

  • Lio Hugs

    Um .. not much for “Every body” if you have no boobs.

    • Rachel Pettit


    • Lorelei Lee87

      I think it still look good an people with less bosom.

  • Jim Couch

    I love it! For all you girls that think you don’t have the boobs for it … DUCT TAPE! Wear it anyway we love the little titties too.

  • Steven Lawlor-Jones

    I could…and would ROCK this!

  • Alena Brown

    for “Every Body” *only shows size 2 models *

    • Ach Hans Zombies!

      There’s only two models and the one in purple is no size 2.

    • babbleon

      If you actually look at the site, they go up to 4x. And yeah, the redhead is no size 2.

      • Ray Hendrickson

        Redhead is just about an 8, probably squeezes into a corset to fit a 6..

    • Ilona Curry

      If you go to the link provided to browse the shopping gallery you can see the dresses are available up to a 4X

  • Dalea Lugo

    It’s cutsey. Love it.

  • Wildviolets101

    LOVE IT! <3 <3

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