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Eerie Red Balloon Appears in Window of Stephen King’s Home

Jeff Tuttle, Townsquare Media Bangor

Now this is some fun viral marketing.

As most diehard Stephen King fans know, King has a home in Bangor, Maine that has been a popular tourist spot in the area for many years now. Bangor is essentially the real-life version of the fictional town of Derry, and the forthcoming release of IT has brought countless fans to the area in recent weeks.

Even King himself is clearly excited about the film, as Bangor music station Z 107.3 reports today that a familiar-looking red balloon has appeared this week in the window of his aforementioned mansion. The red balloon of course has major significance to the IT story, as it’s synonymous with killer clown Pennywise.

Well played, King. Well played.

Andy Muschietti’s IT will arrive in theaters on September 8.



  • Very nice. Excited for this new IT.

  • RedMountainRanch

    I was up in Bangor on Tuesday and it was up. One of the tourists there said they had just seen someone put it up. I was under the assumption it had just been there for some time. It’s good to see King still is passionate about his work after all these years!

  • Sofyan Surya Diningrat

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    Thank you

  • coopercollinstheseries

    here is the next clown sighting LOL

  • American Atheist

    Cool. It (pun intended) reminds me of growing up in the 80/90’s seeing all of King’s movies in the theater. Great times!

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