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‘GTA V’ Machinima Recreates Iconic ‘IT’ Scene

With IT steamrolling over records and raking in cash, proving once again that the genre can (and should) be taken seriously by the mainstream, there’s only one thing left: use GTA V to recreate the iconic paper boat scene.

A Machinima group, Final Flame Productions, have recreated the infamous scene, albeit with a cellphone and Jimmy De Santa instead of Georgie and his boat. Yeah, a cellphone isn’t going to float the same way a paper boat would into a drain, but let’s just pretend Jimmy just bought a new iPhone X, and is really attached to it. And yeah, it’s not as polished as some machinimas go, but there’s just something funny about hearing Jimmy’s “Aw, jeez!”. ‘A’ for effort!

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  • Biscoito18

    that’s bad

  • zombie84_41

    that was fuckin so lame

  • J Jett

    the LEGO Georgie recreation is much better and it’s just awesome in general. here’s the link…..

    • MrX13

      This Lego one was better than the GTA one.

  • Rohan

    They need a Maximum Overdrive game type.

  • Necro

    I will say it’s a nice attempt, but I’m not giving it to much praise.

    • Josh Blitzenbrox Myers

      Yeah, I was expecting a bit more…but props for trying

    • MrX13

      That was stupid

  • Tiger Quinn

    I hope when the Losers grow up they find out Pennywise is in south central LA just capping fools left and right.

  • Kat Alex

    Lollllll that was so bad

  • The Regulator Guy

    Hah, I was thinking “Trevor should be Pennywise” — and it turned out he was.

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