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‘IT’ Star Reveals Alternate Final Confrontation With Pennywise That Was Filmed

With IT currently dominating the box office, we’ve been hearing a lot about deleted scenes that will likely be appearing in an extended version of the film for home video. Director Andy Muschietti recently teased a few of those deleted scenes, and Bill Skarsgård detailed a “disturbing” scene that delves into Pennywise’s origin story.

But what about an alternate ending? Well, yes, there sort of is one.

Speaking with Variety, young star Jaeden Lieberher (Bill Denbrough) dug in.

I did have this scene where I climb up the tower at the end. When I’m chasing after Georgie, I climb the tower and I’m at a one-on-one confrontation with Pennywise and then I say that I’m not afraid of him, that none of the losers are afraid of him, and that’s how we beat him,” he told the site. “But they took those lines and put toward the end, right after our big fight. So I had this whole thing where Bill Skarsgård is grabbing me and pushing me off the ledge, and I had to wear this harness. That was a more difficult scene.”

Here’s hoping the alternate battle will appear on the home video release!




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