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Peachfuzz is Back in Official ‘Creep 2’ Trailer!

You never know who you might meet next.

Mark Duplass brought to the screen one of the most fascinating, compelling characters in recent years in Creep, a found footage gem released in 2014. The mysterious man who went by the name Josef in the first film is back in Creep 2, once again directed by Patrick Brice and arriving on digital platforms October 24.

Check out the trailer below, which promises more gripping creepiness from Duplass.

In the film, presented by The Orchard…

“Creep 2 stars Desiree Akhavan as Sara, a video artist whose primary focus is creating intimacy with lonely men. After finding an ad online for “video work” she thinks she may have found the subject of her dreams. She drives to a remote house in the forest and meets a man (Duplass) claiming to be a serial killer. Unable to resist the chance to create a truly shocking piece of art, she agrees to spend the day with him, but discovers she may have dug herself a hole from which she cannot escape.”

Creep 2 was written by Patrick Brice and Mark Duplass.



  • The_Gentleman

    Cannot wait!

  • DukeStKing

    A woman drives to a remote home of a self professed serial killer to spend the day with him? What? And have a picnic? C’mon!

    • zombie84_41

      Welcome to America.

    • JackJonston24

      Have you watched Man Bites Dog ? Pretty much the same thing except there is 3 guys with a killer

  • Neto Ribeiro

    That sounds nice! Still no poster?

  • Bart Crowe

    I watched Creep because I assumed it was going to be a laughably bad mumblecore/horror hybrid but was pleasantly surprised by just a really good horror movie.

  • Travis_Bickle

    Stop trying to make Creep 2 happen!!

  • The Drucifer

    The first was meh, but that ending was absolute horseshit.

    • Meisha’s Taint

      I love the ending it’s stuck in my head forever.

  • cat

    OK i cooouuuld f*ck with this 🙂

  • I actually really liked the first one. It was really quiet, but then it would veer into totally creepy, and leave me feeling unsettled, which is probably the closest I get to actually being scared by horror movies anymore. So I am looking forward to this, but (and I’ll admit that I tend to hate when people start with the whole “doesn’t this sound alot like….” thing), doesn’t the premise sound awfully close to Behind the Mask? Granted, they might handle it differently, but I would hate to see a movie that seemed to take a really different concept in it’s first outing produce a sequel that feels like a rehash of a different movie.

  • zombie84_41

    LMFAO. The first one was so damn ass weird this one looks like it out does the first.

  • Alex

    Things are about to get creepier.

  • Scott Lee Andrews

    Cannot wait for this.Well I have to, but still.

  • Really looking forward to this! Just recently watched the original for the third time and introduced my brother and friend to it, we all enjoyed it. It’s one of the few movies I’ve seen that were genuinely unsettling.

  • Jason Artiga

    I felt so uneasy with the first film. acting was top notch, fucking guy creeped me out in a cringe worthy and unpredictable way

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