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Experience the Thrill of ‘Hunt: Showdown’ in the Latest Steam Trailer

It seems like Crytek’s Hunt: Showdown is finally starting to take shape. Well, after two years in the making, you’d hope it would be. Regardless, the devs have released a new trailer for the game, which focuses on the PvP/PvE aspects that definitely have some cool possibilities with them.

For those not in the know, Hunt: Showdown has five teams of two entering the Louisiana swamps to hunt the monsters that populate it. As objectives are completed, players upgrade and build their characters with gear and rewards. The other teams have the same goal, but they can also choose to instead dispatch the other teams and take their items. Do you wait until one of the teams has done all the heavy lifting, then pounce? Or do you pick off the other teams from the start, leaving you the sole team to hunt?

The game is slated for Steam Early Access “soon”.

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  • Jay Brezzy

    How the hell am I just hearing about this?!

    • Rohan

      Yeah they haven’t talked about it a lot. Looks decent, but I’m very cautious about games like this nowadays. Guess we’ll see.

      • Jay Brezzy

        It’s been so long for a team experience…( l4d )…this needs more light. Evolve was like a two week experiment lol.

        Of course, nothing kills a game like a toxic community…so maybe less the better lol. I don’t want a bunch of keyboard warriors jumping on and ruining the experience….that’s what I’m cautious about.

        • Rohan

          Online co op is hard to pull off, but maybe it can be done. I don’t mind toxicity as long as it doesn’t ruin the actual game. If a partner is being a dick though, and starts fucking up the game for us, then ill get pissed.

          • Jay Brezzy

            Please, oh please have solid matchmaking. No level 3-4 guys in rooms with Level 14-20 guys. Nothing like getting destroyed by overpowered opponents, then hearing ” just get good bro “.

    • nrkist

      This game was shown off two or three times as different concepts. It was abandoned as what looked like an L4D rip-off 5 or 6 years ago.

      It lately came back as a completely new thing. Looks like it is borrowing alot from PUBG with it’s own twists.

  • Doctor Dementor

    Crytek is back !!!!

  • pankaj shiral
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