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‘Song Of Horror’ Sings of a Spooky Trailer

Protocol Games have revealed a new trailer for their cinematic third-person survival horror game, Song Of Horror, as well as revamped the game’s website with some new screenshots.

The game, which aims to return to “the dread of the old-school classics along with modern and innovative mechanics”, is influenced by literary horror masters such as Poe and Lovecraft, and likened to classics such as Resident Evil and Alone In The Dark. Song Of Horror revolves around protagonist Daniel Noyer, who must solve a mystery threatening his very existence. Along the way, you as the player not only guide Noyer, but up to 16 other characters. The game will also feature procedural generation of dangers within the game, as well as permanent death of the cast for extra tension.

No release date is set as of yet, but judging from the moody environments, it’ll be a fun wait as the game comes together.

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  • Beatnation

    I just saw Creepers Creepers 3… and I’m saying this loving the first two films, WHAT A FUCKING PIECE OF DOGSHIT THAT MOVIE WAS.

    Just terrible all around, they even being back Trish for the the obligatory post-credit scene, glad this site refuse to talk about this “movie”.

    • Christopher Nickerson

      They talked about it quite a bit until they reviewed it

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