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Get a Glimpse at Combat with the New ‘Vampyr’ Gameplay Trailer

Up until this point, we’ve never gotten a good look at the combat component in DONTNOD’s Vampyr. We’ve had the story trailer, several developer diaries that danced around the topic, but nothing to be seen. Well, with the game being released in June (June 5th, to be exact), that all changes in the latest gameplay trailer.

From the look of things, the combat has that potential “free-flow” aspect similar to what you’d get in the Batman: Arkham games, albeit with cool vampire powers driving things. The trailer also hints at the dilemma that protagonist Dr. Jonathan Reid faces with his vampirism, and his decisions with whom to feed on in order to survive. Plus, like any good tease, the trailer hints at more of the backstory as to Reid’s loyalties to his vampire brethren.

June 5th can’t come soon enough. Vampyr will hit PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.



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