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Spidey Had Better Watch His Neck In This 6 Page ‘Amazing Spiderman’ Preview!

Peter Parker’s tale of morality and vindication titled simply, “THE GAUNTLET”, has been one of the most talked about and most hotly debated story arcs Marvel has presented the wall-crawler since the ultimate sin that was the clone saga. If ever there was a time to become a reader of Marvel’s “AMAZING SPIDERMAN” then this is quite easily the best time you could ask for. Beyond the break you will find the 6 page preview of issue #622 that goes on sale this Wednesday featuring The Web-Head’s most fearsome bloodsucking foe, Morbius!

WRITTEN BY: Fred Van Lente and Greg Weisman
ILLUSTRATIONS BY: Joe Quinones and Luke Ross
COVERS BY: Simone Bianchi

“As the Gauntlet rages on around him, the spotlight is on Peter Parker’s original archenemy-turned-best friend, Flash Thompson. Since losing his legs in service to his country, Flash Thompson’s not been deterred by his physical limitations. But even a hero can have his limits. Greg Weisman, one of the brains behind the smash TV hit Spectacular Spider-Man, teams with Luke Ross (CAPTAIN AMERICA) to bring a touching story of Flash Thompson coming to terms with his new life. Then, Fred Van Lente and Joe Quinones (WEDNESDAY COMICS) bring Spider-Man face-to-face with Morbius, The Living Vampire!”

marvel Comics Continues ‘THE GAUNTLET’ In Issue #622 Of “THE AMAZING SPIDERMAN” That Swings onto Store Shelves This Wednesday! (MSRP-$3.99)




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