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‘Pumpkinhead’ Screenwriter Takes On Bram Stoker With ‘Death Ship’!



For all you vampire fans out there whose thirsts weren’t quenched yesterday by our news of the new bloodsucker black comedy “VAMPIRE PA”, and the news of Stephen King’s epic return to the genre with his gritty western tale, “AMERICAN VAMPIRE”, then here is one more piece of genre fare for you to sink your teeth into. Beyond the break you’ll find the full preview of IDW Publishing’s new story titled “BRAM STOKERS: DEATH SHIP” that is being penned by “PUMPKINHEAD” screenwriter Gary Gerani!

WRITTEN BY: Gary Gerani
COVERS BY: Cliff Nielsen.

“An untold story from the greatest vampire story ever written, Bram Stoker’s Death Ship explores the harrowing, nightmarish sea voyage from Transylvania to England. One by one, the terrified crewmembers of the Russian schooner Demeter vanish, victims of the unearthly lifeform that lies comatose in the ship’s hold during daylight hours. Only Demeter’s seasoned captain, a proud man of the sea, remains to confront the voracious monster that has preyed upon his crew by moonlight…”

“BRAM STOKER’S: DEATH SHIP” Sets Sail This May From IDW Publishing! (MSRP-$3.99)


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