The Hordes Of The Undead Take On Dogwitch In This 'Chaos Campus' #11 Preview! - Bloody Disgusting
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The Hordes Of The Undead Take On Dogwitch In This ‘Chaos Campus’ #11 Preview!



What would you get if you mixed ‘THE HOUSE ON SORORITY ROW’ with ‘SHAUN OF THE DEAD’? Hell if I know. But if you did it would probably be a whole lot like Indy title ‘CHAOS CAMPUS: SORORITY GIRLS VS ZOMBIES’. It’s as crazy as it sounds, and inside you can find the 6 page preview of the newest entry into the kooky title that is on sale NOW. Read on for the skinny.

WRITTEN AND ILLUSTRATED BY: B. Alex Thompson and Kewber Baal

“Still traveling to various alternate dimensions, Paige finds herself separated from her friends in the spooky house of Violet Grimm a.k.a. Dogwitch! After a few misunderstandings to feel each other out, they soon discover Jamie and Britt lost within the deadly woods on Violet’s property! Can Violet’s crash course in magic give Paige the ability to save her friends from zombies, Kurtis, Patient X, and huge poisonous spiders?!

Zombies have taken over the city and the only hope we have for humanity’s survival lies in the hands of the three buxom remaining members of the Epsilon Alpha Zeta Upsilon sorority.”

“CHAOS CAMPUS: SORORITY GIRLS VS ZOMBIES” Issue #11 Is Available Through Indy Now! (MSRP-$4.99)


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