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St Patty’s Day Might Be Over, But You Can Still Celebrate With This 3 Page ‘Boondock Saints: In Nomine Patris’ Preview!

I hope everyone enjoyed their St Patrick’s Day. Mine was nothing special, just a whole lot of work and no fun. However, thanks to Troy Duffy and 12-Gauge Comics, myself and those of you like me get to celebrate a few days late as they released three more pages from their upcoming comic book treatment of “THE BOONDOCK SAINTS” with “IN NOMINE PATRIS”. Read on for the skinny, and be sure to check out the full press release and photos that were already released last month.

“Written by BOONDOCK SAINTS creator/writer/director TROY DUFFY and comic scribe J.B. LOVE, (with art by newcomer GUUS FLOOR and covers by CHRIS BRUNNER) “In Nomine Patris” is the perfect companion to the recent movie. Conceived as a “deleted and extended sequence”, the comics expand on the story and characters in ALL SAINTS DAY and delve deeper into the secret origin of the “Original Saint”, IL DUCE.”

“THE BOONDOCK SAINTS: IN NOMINE PATRIS #1” Hits Shelves Thanks To 12-Gauge Comics This May!




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