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BD Pick Of The Week: ‘Day of The Dead: Desertion’

We have done a lot of coverage regarding Arrow Publishing’s upcoming “DAY OF THE DEAD: DESERTION” one shot that will be released exclusively alongside the “DAY OF THE DEAD 25th ANNIVERSARY” DVD that will be dropping tomorrow. You can read our interview with scribe Stefan Hutchinson (“HALLOWEEN: FIRST DEATH OF LAURIE STRODE”) here and you can also read our very positive review of the book here if you haven’t done so already. So with that said this week’s “BD PICK OF THE WEEK” shouldn’t come as any surprise. So as we sit on the eve of one of the best Blu-Ray releases in classic horror this year you can get yourself amped up with the first 6 pages of the book, and as always, why you should care.

WRITTEN BY: Stefan Hutchinson, Barry Keating

“This March, Arrow Video celebrates the 25th Anniversary of writer-director George A. Romero’s 1985 horror masterpiece, Day Of The Dead, with a special two-disc Blu-ray release that features a host of world exclusive extras, including a restored presentation of the film, a new hi-def soundtrack (the original ‘uncensored dialogue’ version, completely restored), four alternate sleeves, a double-sided poster, a 24-page collector’s booklet ‘For Every Dawn There Is A Day’, plus a very special collector’s comic – ‘Day Of The Dead: Desertion’ – featuring a brand new ‘Bub’ storyline. Also after years of Dawn of the Dead getting all the great documentaries Day finally gets the retrospective it deserves with the all-new Joe of the Dead and Travelogue of the Dead.”


There isn’t a whole lot we can say that hasn’t already been said. Anyone worth their weight as a horror fan should be well acquainted with George A Romero’s 1985 masterpiece “DAY OF THE DEAD” that marked the third installment in his now legendary “DEAD” series. And with that being said it should also go without saying that fans across the globe know of the domesticated, and oddly gentle flesh-eater named, Bub. But what most do not know if where Bub came from, his origins, his tragic story. That is until tomorrow when horror comic heavy-weight Stefan Hutchinson and partner Barry Keating deliver their beautifully illustrated (By none other than ‘Fright Rags’ artist Jeff Zornow) origin story “DAY OF THE DEAD: DESERTION”.

I have already said all that can be said about the comic book in my exclusive advance review of the book. Hutchinson and Keating have easily delivered one of the most respectful, disturbing, and downright best film spin-offs in comic HISTORY. These are not words that I use to describe very many stories, and very rarely will I find myself praising a book in this vain so highly, but with “DESERTION” there just isn’t any other way to go about it. Story wise “DESERTION” is a kick in the gut, an emotional juggernaut that is unrelentingly depressing and disgusting. It is a story that WILL stay with you days after it has been finished, and like any great piece of horror literature it will haunt you.

It is important to note that this book is only available with the “DAY OF THE DEAD 25th ANNIVERSARY” 2 Disc Blu-Ray that goes on sale tomorrow. The release marks the first time the classic has gotten the 2-disc treatment, and with it it brings some fantastic bonus features. In fact both discs are jam packed with enough bonus content to fully warrant the $30 price tag. And all of this is on top of the beautiful transfer from standard DVD to Blu-Ray that proves single handedly why the format is the way of the future.

With all that being said, “DAY OF THE DEAD” is one of the absolute must own DVD releases of the year, and the fantastic “DESERTION” is just icing on the cake. A must own for fans of Romero’s classic film or horror in general, this is a release that is not to be missed.

“DAY OF THE DEAD: DISSERTION” Hits Stores On March 29th!



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