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First Look at Doctor Who’s Whispering Gallery Covers

A while back on the Dead Pixels Podcast, I had an interview with writer and artist Ben Templesmith about Dead Space. I randomly asked him a question about Doctor Who, since I am a huge fan. He then stated that he was working on an actual Doctor Who comic and it’s even more horror based. The comic that he was talking about is coming at the end of next month and it’s called ‘The Whispering Gallery.” I am very excited about this and Ben has recently showed the three covers to the issue. Hit the break for more information and the three covers…
Doctor1 From Ben Templesmith’s Blog:
Just got approval to show some stuff! So here’s some various interior/working shots of a couple pages.

Leah Moore and John Reppion are writing it, I’m drawing the thing. A one-shot comic from IDW Publishing. Would make a cool tv episode if it weren’t a comic.

Since it’s damn hard to get things from the smaller publishers, if you want the book you may have to get your retailer to order it in specifically for you. If you still want one, it may not magically appear on the shelf, especially not in these tougher times. So you have to go tell your retailer you actually *do* want a copy and to make sure they get one for you.

Tell em it’s Previews catalog order number is: DEC084084 and tell them you know some Daleks with abnormally sized genocidal plunger weapons…



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