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Mike Mignola Reveals Details On The Next Two ‘Hellboy’ Arcs!

All the way back in 2007 Mike Mignola (“B.P.R.D”, “ABE SAPIAN”) wrote a little story arc called “DARKNESS CALLS”. The series was said to be the beginning of the “second half” of Hellboy’s life, and in effect a new beginning. The story, that was illustrated by artist Duncan Fegredo, proved to be one of the most successful arc in the lifespan of the series and did well on its word that it would be the start of something much different for Big Red. Well with any beginning there must be an end, and even though Mignola intends to continue writing the character for years to come, this phase of Hellboy’s life seems to have finally run its course. So what’s next? The end? Read on to find out.


Here Is A Snippet Of What Mignola Had To Say in His Interview With Mike Mignola

“The third book will be called “The Storm And The Fury.” “The Storm” is a three-issue miniseries which will be followed after a break by another three-issue miniseries called “The Fury.” Those together will be collected as the third book: “The Storm And The Fury.” It is a three-book epic, and when that ends, Hellboy is in a very, very different place. By the end of “The Storm,” he’s in a pretty different place. “The Storm” gets us someplace, and then “The Fury” is a three-issue climax to this whole Hellboy epic. “The Fury” is going to be crazy!”


“This thing has gone off in so many directions, and it’s been about so many different things. “The Storm” continues it, and “The Fury” is kind of this giant, apocalyptic wrap up to this middle chapter of Hellboy’s life.You Can Read The Full Interview Over At Comic Book Resources Here!

“HELLBOY: THE STORM” Drops This July From Dark Horse Comics!



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