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Vertigo To ‘Ressurect’ Warren Ellis’s Banned ‘Hellblazer’ Story!



Back in the 90s when “HELLBLAZER” was arguably at its peak the writer that everyone had their eyes set on was one Warren Ellis. The controversial scribe is no stranger to scrutiny, but when he proposed the story “SHOOT”, publisher DC would have none of it as the story dealt with school shootings in the wake of Columbine High School. Though the story was finished well before the massacre according to Ellis, the publisher wouldn’t risk the backlash the story might attract. Until now. Some 10 years later publisher Vertigo (An offshoot of DC) has decided to resurrect Ellis’s original story along with several others for a series that will be fittingly titled “VERTIGO RESURRECTED”. Below you can get all the details on the 96 page book that drops this October.

Here’s What Vertigo Says About The Story…

“Shoot,” Warren Ellis’s much-talked about, but never published, HELLBLAZER story involving schoolyard killings leads this mega-sized VERTIGO RESURRECTION special.

Also included are rarely seen tales exploring the disturbing depths of horror, war, romance and science fiction by Brian Azzarello, Grant Morrison, Garth Ennis and artists Jim Lee, Phil Jimenez, Bernie Wrightson, and others. Cover by Tim Bradstreet.”

“VERTIGO RESURRECTION #1: HELLBLAZER” Drops October20th From Vertigo Comics! (MSRP-$7.99)


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