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Boundless Gives ‘Lady Death’ Fans A Huge Treat As They Announce ‘Origins VOL 1’!

For those of you who are counting down the days until December when you will get to see the long awaited return of the cult heroine, “LADY DEATH” from her new publisher Boundless, then you just got thrown a very nice bone by the Avatar imprint. This past weekend the publisher announced that they would be releasing a 160 page collection of the original “LADY DEATH” stories for new and old fans alike to get them ready for the December release date. Beyond the break you can get all the details and the specs. Read on for the skinny.

Here’s What The Official Press Release Had To Say…

“New publisher Boundless Comics is proud to announce the November release of LADY DEATH ORIGINS VOLUME ONE, the first in an exciting new line of graphic novels collecting the historic adventures of Brian Pulido’s beloved femme fatale. This 160-page collection, written by the character’s original creator (and Chaos! Comics founder), features artwork by Ron Adrian and Richard Ortiz, and will be available in softcover, hardcover, and special autographed variant hardcover editions.

Two pivotal storylines from Lady Death’s past are retold in LADY DEATH ORIGINS, providing insight into the heroine’s deep mythology. “Abandon All Hope,” originally a five-issue series published by Avatar Press, recounts the tale of a young woman’s transformation into an avatar of death. An additional tale entitled “Wicked” expands on this origin story, firmly establishing Lady Death against the backdrop of the Blacklands, the mystic realm she would eventually conquer. LADY DEATH ORIGINS will be engaging, essential reading for fans and newcomers, just in time for the launch of the character’s new ongoing monthly series in December.

The pricing and format of LADY DEATH ORIGINS VOLUME ONE is as follows:

Lady Death Origins Volume One Softcover Edition $19.99
Lady Death Origins Volume One Hardcover Edition $27.99
Lady Death Origins Volume One Signed Hardcover Ltd. Edition $34.99
(Autographed by Brian Pulido, limited to 1,250 copies)”



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