Tiny Bikinis And Giant Fish Men In Corman's 'Humanoids From The Deep'! - Bloody Disgusting!

Tiny Bikinis And Giant Fish Men In Corman’s ‘Humanoids From The Deep’!

If you enjoy Roger Corman, fish people, tiny bikinis, and obnoxiously large…tracks of land, then you will be overjoyed top hear that the filmmaker’s 1980’s cult classic ‘HUMANOIDS OF THE DEEP’ is back for more this Wednesday thanks to Blue Water Comics! Inside you can get a full 5 page preview because I just know that you can’t resist. Read on for the skinny!


“The blood-crazed, mutant fish-men from Roger Corman’s 1980’s classic Humanoids from the Deep are back for more. When the humanoids crash an island high school graduation party, it’s all Ann, and her best friend Cindy, can do to survive.”

“ROGER CORMAN’S HUMANOIDS FROM THE DEEP” Drops This Week From Blue Water Comics! (MSRP-$3.99)