[BD Podcast] 'Aural Pleasures' Episode 11 - Bloody Disgusting!

[BD Podcast] ‘Aural Pleasures’ Episode 11

In this edition of Aural Pleasure, BD music editor Jonny flies solo! That’s right, both Adam and Bill were unable to join Jonny so this baby bird had to learn to fly all on his own! But worry not, for there is no way that Jonny would leave you hanging without some entertaining music-related news for you lovely readers.

Jonny opens up by chatting about an amazing article he read about a colorblind man who created a machine that converts light waves into music! Then Jonny goes into some of the movies he’s seen recently and chats a bit about their composers and the music of the films. Then he dives into one of his most anticipated tours of the summer: Lamb of God featuring Dethklok and Gojira! Lastly, as always, Jonny caps everything off with a recommendation to tide you over until next month! Check it all out in Aural Pleasures by reading below or typing “Bloody Disgusting” into iTunes.

  • Danny! Where’s double murder?? Been waiting for a new podcast for ages!