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[Podcast] ‘Dead Pixels’ Episode 41 Heads To E3

Adam and TJ are back! Again! And they’re here to stay. (We know you missed their sexy sexy voices.) This weeks episode of Dead Pixels is almost all about this year’s E3 convention.

“Resident Evil 6,” “Dead Space 3” and much, much more are discussed. Adam is left feeling unfulfilled about the entire convention, while TJ feels everything was quite good. (Fight!) But, as usual, the boys get sidetracked and start talking about TV and movies, and Adam drops a couple spoilers as it’s becoming one of his favorite past times. (What a dick.)

You can enjoy the latest “Dead Pixels” after the break, or you can subscribe via iTunes by searching “Bloody Disgusting.”



  • ThunderDragoon

    “Cute lil baby souls.” XD Hilarious. Yeah, The Last of Us looks amazing. I also have The X-Files in my queue and it would take so long for me to finish it that I’m just like “ugh” lol. It’s funny that you guys say you feel alone when you’re on the PS3 because that’s the way I feel, but I like it that way. Maybe that’s just because I like to be alone and don’t like to talk to people. I’m so awkward to talk to in real life. Me = forever alone. Oh well haha. I completely agree, Adam, they should’ve had the original Freddy in MK; not Kermie Krueger. TJ, play Diablo III with Adam! I missed your voices, guys! Adam, you’re still my BD crush. 😀

    • Adam Dodd

      You’re officially my favorite person in the whole world.

      Sorry, TJ, you’ve been bumped to #2.

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