[Dead Pixels Podcast] Level 32 Paladins, Cake Boss, Where's My Iced Tea? - Bloody Disgusting
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[Dead Pixels Podcast] Level 32 Paladins, Cake Boss, Where’s My Iced Tea?



Oh yeah. You feel that warm feeling that’s prepping to seep in a fill the empty void that is your delicate earholes? That’s what the Dead Pixels Podcast feels like, and while I might be a little bias when I say this, it is a fairly incredible feeling. If your ears are in need of a little warming up, might I recommend spending an hour with TJ and I? We talk about all sorts of things, including crappy television, Tofu, and Adam’s new job. Oh, and we also talk a little about video games.

Tune in and enjoy a brand spanking new episode of the Dead Pixels Podcast after the break, and if you haven’t already, feel free to subscribe to Bloody Disgusting Radio via iTunes by searching “Bloody Disgusting.”

I was too lazy to add some intro music, so this episode’s all natural. This means you can just dive in, almost like you’re a part of the conversation. Enjoy.


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