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[Podcast] Rock out To ‘Aural Pleasures’ Episode 16!

In the 16th episode of “Aural Pleasures,” Señor Adam Dodd leaves both Jonny and Bill hanging on their own. While Jonny was unaware of the circumstance surrounding Adam’s need to bow out of this podcast, Bill was told the entire story. Without going into too many details, let’s just say that it involves Adam’s wife (he’s married?!?!), his clothes, and a poorly written work excuse note.

Left on their own, Bill and Jonny discuss several new albums that came out recently, including the new Deftones (read Jonny’s review here, the new Flyleaf (another shameless review plug here), and Bill’s take on the new Soundgarden. The guys then chat for a bit about Lamb Of God singer Randy Blythe and the possibility of his return to the Czech Republic, followed by their thoughts on what the best live rock album is. After a bit more, they fellas round it off by adding to Adam’s list of albums he has to listen to and, lastly, give some suggestions.

Listen below or subscribe by searching for “Bloody Disgusting” in iTunes.



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