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[Podcast] Danny And Tim Tackle The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Chronology In The New ‘Double Murder’

Danny and Tim are back with a new episode of Double Murder! The pair review Texas Chainsaw 3D and Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2, the two existing “sequels” to the legendary Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Tune in as the guys attempt to sort out the chronology of the films, discuss complex family values issues, and the virtues of modern chainsaw technology. Plus, stick around at the end for a sneak preview of Tim’s upcoming spinoff podcast!

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  • Let me break it down for you all. Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 bad. Texas Chainsaw 3D abysmal.

  • Krug09

    Can someone tell me where to listen to all the double murder podcasts? i love them but most can’t be downloaded anymore 🙁

  • Krug09

    …Well i should have listened to the end of the episode 🙂 Thanks. I’m looking forward to listening to the older episodes again 😀

    Anyway. I enjoyed this one, i didn’t see 3D but it sounds like it would really piss me off how inaccurate it is

  • dangerzone79

    I’m only 15 minutes in & this is bugging me. Why do you guys keep saying “1979”? The 1st movie was 1973. And as far as the girl in the car accident, she dies when the cop shoots her in the freezer. A very clever nod to the original with the way she pops out. Also, more people die in this one than die in the original. 4 die in the ’73 movie. I understand you’re doing this for fun, but if you’re gonna argue mistakes in movies & timeline stuff, you should have your info a little more together. Still an interesting listen.

  • southparkenterprise

    Here is a funny think about the timeline, if you dig deep enough it makes sense. Bare with me a moment. The original Texas Chainsaw was released in 1974 (not 1979) and the is billed as a sequel to that but we have an issue with the age of the girl. Now the funny part is that you do the math and say she had to be born in 1986, this is were it gets good. The actress Alexandra Daddario who plays Heather Miller was born in 1986. Now in one of your past reviews about this movie you made the comment that Tobe Hooper did his own sequel to Texas Chainsaw Massacre but when did it come out? Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 was released in 1986. Now put it all together and your have a timeline that you can make sense with.

    On a side not I find it funny that being a horror site you never thought to put that together.

  • Incinerated

    I liked the movie. Let escapism be escapism.

    Not digging the podcast in general. Yes, the age thing is big, but there’s still a lot of the typical negative critic nitpicking and I’m really tired of everyone finding every horror movie they don’t like to be unintentionally “funny” and also using that as evidence the movie sucks. It’s so over applied it’s like no one has ever seen a really bad horror movie that really is consistently unintentionally funny because the creators had good intentions but no idea what they were doing. Plus, it’s creating a culture where it’s hard to even watch a truly solid horror movie without people using these ‘unintentional funnies’ as an excuse to hide the fear they’re feeling through cynical humor.

    Not that I really believe in bad horror movies. I take a more appreciative fun approach that I no doubt picked up from the awesome G. Noel Gross. If you’ve never read his reviews, read the archives:

    • dangerzone79

      Right on.

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