Child’s Play

The first of four films revolving around the murderous
doll inhabited by the soul of a notorious chicago based killer.

Basically if you dont know who Chucky is youve been living under a rock your whole life and shouldnt even be on this website. Well with that said this is by far the best of the four films due to its more serious tone and the actual attempt to come off as a horror movie, instead of a film that just “goes through the motions”.

Instead of telling the whole story of the film I will just go into the reasons I recommend this movie. First off it is always good to see the introduction of a character who has become somewhat of an icon in the horror industry. This motion picture showcases
Chucky at his best. He looks the best, moves the best and is the most believable in this movie due to the effects which are used to eerie effect.

Techniques used such as having an actual midget in the chucky costume to promote the fact that he is in fact “alive” as opposed to cutting him off at the waist on screen is pulled off with stunning results. The fact that you can see him freely move around running, jumping and slashing like this as opposed to the sequels (this effect to my knowledge is only utilized in the in the fourth film.) where his movement is very robotic carries the eerieness of a living doll that much more.

Also the urban Chicago setting much akin to Clive Barkers Candyman increases the dark tone of this film. It is also helped by the fact that the movie plays on everyones fear of hearing a strange sound in an dark empty apartment or home.

The cast is also noteworthy starring Chris Sarandon(Fright Night), Catherine Hicks(7th heaven) and Brad Dourif as the voice of Chucky all come together to produce one of the best Living Doll films ever. Though the following sequels dwindled down the path that so many horror sequels follow the original shows why so many kids (myself included) were afraid of Chucky and any night you feel like turning off the lights to watch a scary movie while your alone this one will still have your heart skipping at every little bump in the night!!!!This being one of the few horror movies to actually have me scared for some time i must highly recommend it as it is always good to see a star in this case chucky in his best performance!!

This is my first review and Im sure some of it seems vague and unfocused but give me a chance and unlike horror movie sequels Ill only get better with time!!!

Official Score