Pet Sematary

Death is absolutely the most controversial, spellbinding and downright terrifying concept in the world today. Questions concerning the afterlife (if there is one), when its your time to go, etc… have been questions that have perplexed society since the beginning of time. I know you are wondering, “What does all of this rambling have to do with Pet Semetery”? Well, imagine if you had the power to bring loved ones back from the dead. But, as a result of this resurrection, the person brought back to life is not quite the same person they were before their demise. If you had the power to play god, would you exploit it?

Pet Semetery is a movie adaptation of one of the most disturbing Stephen King novels ever made, and it documents the lives of the Creeds, your average middle class family. After a truck runs down the family cat, the neighbor Jud feels the need to tell his good friend Louis Creed about the pet cemetery, a place that possesses ancient Indian powers, which can bring back the dead. However, the ground has since become sour, and as a result the magic doesn?t work as it was originally intended to. Not to reveal any spoilers, lets just say that Louis Creed will have to make a horrifying decision when the pain of a loved ones departure becomes too great to bear.

What makes this movie so compelling is that from the get-go, you know the family is doomed from the start. The entire movie has a eerie, depressing feel to it, much like the book of the same name. I personally feel that this is the best Stephen King book-to-movie adaptation ever made, and its vastly underrated because of the seemingly hundreds of other Stephen King movies in existence. Either way, make no mistake: this movie will chill you to the bone as a disturbing sub-plot involving Rachel Creed’s (Louis’ wife) dead sister comes into play. The gore factor is very high, especially towards the end, in typical Stephen King fashion.

Bottom Line: The plot alone would make for a scary movie, but by injecting excellent atmosphere, capable acting and generally nightmarish scenes, Pet Semetery is a truly effective horror flick and well worth the price of admission.

Official Score