Necronos: Tower Of Doom (V) - Bloody Disgusting!

Necronos: Tower Of Doom (V)

The gore-lovin’ brothers Marc and Lars Rohnstock have already gained some recognition among German splatter fans for their previous slaughter fests DUNGEON OF EVIL and GRAVEYARD OF THE LIVING DEAD. And now they’re back with another wicked-as-hell blood bath called NECRONOS – TOWER OF DOOM, which is by far their freakiest and goriest movie so far.

Blending over-the-top gore with a fair amount of medieval fantasy, NECRONOS tells the story of a powerful black wizard—the eponymous villain of the movie—who is about to create an undefeatable army of the undead for the Horned One himself (Mike Weishaupt). However, to fulfil his purpose and to build an invincible force of hell, Necronos (Thomas Sender) not only needs to team up with an evil sorceress (Manoush) in order to find a virgin witch known as The Chosen One (Saskia Neumueller), whose blood bears powers far beyond anything the human mind can grasp, but he also needs to create a so-called Berserker (Lars Rohnstock)—a superhuman warlord of the underworld, who will lead the Devil’s troops to victory and enslave mankind once and for all. Unfortunately, the creation of such a Berserker ain’t exactly a walk in the park and hence he sends his minion Goran, the Blood Demon (Timo Fuchs), down to Earth to kill all kinds of innocent people and collect a whole lot of bizarre ingredients that are needed for the creation of the hellish warmaster.

And well, that’s about it. From now on we hardly get to see anything else than the obedient Goran bashing in faces, cutting off limbs and ripping out intestines like a maniac until finally all components are gathered and the creation of the Berserker—whose rising is one of the most kick-ass effects in the whole movie—can begin. As you can see, the story of NECRONOS – TOWER OF DOOM is far from being profound and personally I’m pretty sure that it could easily have been told in 90 minutes as well (instead of two hours), but hey, in the end we shouldn’t forget that this is an over-the-top micro-budget splatter fest, so I guess we can turn a blind eye on most of the flick’s little short comings and just enjoy it for what it is: one of the goriest and bloodiest movies that have evolved from the German underground in 2011! And let’s be honest, if a movie like this flickers across your TV screen, I’m pretty sure that deep inside you’d even be a little disappointed, if you wouldn’t see any blatant overacting, stupid character decisions and crude effects at all. Ultimately, these are exactly the things that turned so many grindhouse films of yesteryear into timeless cult ‘n party flicks and in case of NECRONOS these lil’ flaws totally add to the movie’s entertainment value as well.

Nevertheless, one should not make the mistake and think of this film as a cheaply-made home movie, because that would surely not do it any justice at all. The Rohnstock brothers and the rest of the Infernal Films gang put a helluva lot of blood, sweat and tears into the making of this splatter epic and hence they’re able to present us lots ‘n lots of killer locations, costumes, props, sets and effects that are far above the average low-budget gore movie standards. And, to round the total trash flick armageddon off, NECRONOS is also jam-packed with nudity on the one hand and entertaining cameos by the who-is-who of Euro sleaze, trash and splatter on the other. The list of guest stars includes, among others, Andreas Schnass (DON’T WAKE THE DEAD), Marc Trinkholz (VIOLENT SH*T III), Timo Rose (BARRICADE), Marcel Walz (LA PETITE MORT), Magey Kalley (UNRATED – THE MOVIE), Annika Strauss (AVANTGARDE), Kim Sonderholm (TOUR DE FORCE), Martin Hentschel (GHOSTS OF SHERWOOD), Andreas Pape (LEGEND OF HELL) and even the infamous Jochen Taubert (DAS PIRATENMASSAKER)… and, of course, none of ‘em will still be alive when the film’s kick-ass theme song (arranged by Marc Trinkholz and sung by Andy Schnaas) rocks the speakers to shreds and the end credits roll across the screen!

As said before, NECRONOS is by far not a flawless movie, but that doesn’t change the fact at all that it’s still helluva good fun from start to finish. If you’re a fan of no-holds-barred indie massacres, which literally drown the screen in a flood of crimson juice, you’ll sure as hell get exactly what you’re looking for when you put this movie into your player and watch Necronos and Goran torture, maim, dissect and brutalize one helpless victim after the other. Sure, this film is as far from being for the easily offended as it can get, but then again, it’s a flick that’s been made by die-hard fans of over-the-top gore fests such as CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST and ZOMBIE FLESH EATERS, so I guess it’s no wonder that you’d rather see a Twisted Sister pin on Tipper Gore’s blouse than a PG-13 rating on NECRONOS’ cover. This being said, whatcha waiting for, Goran? Wield the axe of death and let the blood run red!

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