[Tribeca ’12]: Review ‘Resolution’

  • djblack1313

    John Morrone, i know this will sound weird but i LOVED your review/write up! you need to write for this site more. and this movie sounds very good! i’ll definitely will check this out!

  • John Marrone

    Thx man. Its a good film. Odd and abstract.

  • Georgeok-Bushbama

    I have read every film review from every critic since back when “rottentomatoes” was calling themselves “brown banana bad” and I must say, This review, if I didn’t know any better, was written by the Gods. Did I read a review imploring me to see a film or did I see a film anticipating a pulsating review titillating my eye vaginas? Fine work, John Marrone. Fine work indeed. And long live RESOLUTION. Best movie ever!