Scourge - Bloody Disgusting
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Released on February 24th, 2009, by Lions Gate Home Entertainment, this DVD wont be getting much love from critics. With Scourge, we are posed with two questions:

ONE: How many people with pubic hair are looking to be entertained by a CGI alien that goes from body to body invading teenage navels everywhere, spreading gas and farts around the town with the power of a overflowing bowl of rotten beans? And…

TWO: Is there anything redeemable from this spinning disc to satisfy the thirst of the morally deprived, such as yourself, and I?

Lets see. Two post highschool teens, Scott (Nic Rhind) and Jesse (Robyn Ledoux), cross paths and reunite, while the rest of the town unravels after a volunteer firefighter accidentally unearths an ancient creature that begins traveling from host to host like a bad case of the clap. One by one characters are taken out by gastric CGI attacks, not before emitting a host of sharts and regurgitations that would make Barney (The Simpsons) stand up and salute. Soon its discovered what can stop this pestilence in its tracks, and the finale goes down.

Marina Pasqua (Lydia) is a wow. But attractive young actors and actresses alone do not a horror film make. Noticeably poor CGI monsters and farts don’t thrill anyone over the age of 13. It gets an R rating for gore and violence. Watch and go figure. It would have served this production better to drop the three droplets of gore that earned it an R rating so it could have been played on the WB or a cable genre channel on a Saturday afternoon, PG style.

It won’t take electrocution to get Scourge out from under my skin. Steer clear unless you only have access to Lifetime movies, or laugh every time someone makes a fart sound. Director Jonus Quastel’s film hovers just above the bottom of the barrel of horror necessity, scarcely maintaining a teenage polished sci-fi squirmy presence amidst your atypical camera friendly crew of self important grads. Just because it can be put on DVD, doesn’t mean it should be put on DVD. For $26 list and $17.99 on average, you probably wont find many genre aficionados purchasing this one until it hits the $3.99 rack.


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