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Review: The 7th Sword #1

Ever wonder what the world of Mad Max would look like if it was a little more civilized? Maybe decades after the movies, some semblance of order was somewhat restored? That is what The 7th Sword #1 feels like. This time, it’s with swords, robotic sand people, cloned goblins, cyber femme fatales, and a samurai. Let’s find out if all that makes it cooler or not.


0108-7thsword01_cvrAWRITTEN BY: John Rafffo

ART BY: Nelson Blake II


PRICE: $3.99

RELEASE: 23 April 2014

Writer John Rafffo is undertaking the arduous task of world building. There are ideas and concepts and names scattered throughout this issue. Our story begins on an alien planet but it feels like a desert on Earth. Daniel Cray is a samurai for hire. It feels like Raffo is spreading seeds out for a garden of ideas to grow in the future. Some are clever twists and some are transparent. I’m calling it first – Samurai Cray and the blonde daughter are totally hooking up. And I hope those goblin, acid-spitting clones come back in the near future. It’s nice to see a creative notion for a bad guy’s troops.

The art by Nelson Blake II is serviceable in this debut chapter. I recently read an article about The Newsroom’s Aaron Sorkin wishing he could go back and re-do each episode. I feel this type of story could really benefit from another first issue and an art style that is more dynamic and unique. The designs of this world are nice but the standard comic book art doesn’t help it stand out at all.

Overall, this issue feels like a soft open. Which is better for restaurants openings than it is for comic book titles. I’m willing to let the creative team work out the kinks for another issue. I’m curious to see where this story will go so kudos to the writer. I hope the art will expand and give readers something new that hasn’t been portrayed again and again.

Reviewed by: Your Friendly Neighborhood Brady



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