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Review: “The Witcher” #2

After an incredibly fast paced debut issue last month, “The Witcher” slows it down with its second issue giving some insight into the lore of the story. Paul Tobin has been able to craft a clever script that really begins to open up the characters involved in the story while still holding out enough to leave an air of mystery. Though the art of this book didn’t knock my socks off, the plot continues to progress in an interesting direction.
WRITTEN BY: Paul Tobin
ART BY: Joe Querio
PUBLISHER: Dark Horse Comics
PRICE: 3.99

Geralt the Witcher and his new found companion Jakob are led to a house hidden amidst the cursed forest by song birds believed to be at the beck and call of Marta, a vampire who happens to be Jakob’s wife or former wife. As the two search the halls they find lots of food, ghoul and a whole mess of corpses but can’t seem to locate the vampire who is believed to have saved them in the previous issue. Geralt eventually left to sleep away the wine is confronted by succubus, after some casual storytelling and decent attempt to get into his pants the succubus reveals that she may have more than just seduction on her mind.

Issue #2 is substantially different than issue #1 in terms of pacing and story structure. This book dials it back and focuses more on the lore of witchers and allows for the dialogue and banter to give us a better sense of Geralts character and mannerisms. This lull in the story helps to develop the series and build up some mystery behind the main protagonist and, by the end, the stage is set for a big third issue.

The art in this book is not something I am over the moon for, even though there are some powerful images throughout the book. The main issue I have with the art is the lack of consistency in the style. One panel has an impressive amount of detail while the following panels pale in comparison. It would be different if the art changed to match the story but it happens seemingly at random.

Though I found the art left me wanting the story itself is very strong and gives some good action while keeping a degree of mystery around the witcher to make me come back for more.

Reviewed by – GreenBasterd



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