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Monkeybrain Monday Review: “D4VE” #4

Monkeybrain comics don’t specialize in anything save for quality books. “Monkeybrain Monday” showcases some of the digital titles this small publisher has to offer. This week’s entry may not be in print, but the comedy on the page is still very real in “D4VE” #4.

Ryan Ferrier has kicked D4VE’s life square in the nuts. Everything has imploded and the book is infinitely better for it. Together D4VE and his son, 5COTTY kick ass through the city on their way to reconcile with 54LLY and the comedy reaches new heights. This is everything you love about “D4VE” taken to the next level.

d4ve4WRITTEN BY: Ryan Ferrier
ART BY: Valentin Ramon
PUBLISHER: Monkeybrain Comics
PRICE: $0.99

“D4VE” has always been subversive, continually finding a roundabout way to define it’s core slacker in relation to his ineptitude. That or the disdain felt towards him by everyone else in the story. The question of whether or not any of this was ever warranted seemed to be pretty valid, at least up until now.

D4VE kicks serious ass. Turns out he wasn’t just another empty chipset that seriously needed to defrag, he’s one super processor who’s bark is as bad as his byte. Fuck, I’ll just stop the computer puns now. Anyway, he actually is a force of serious reckoning here. He’s really planned for this day, and he may have been the only robot on the planet to do so. Resulting in a near perfect circle of storytelling. He was never wasting time, he was simply preparing for the inevitable.

Ferrier has gone to great lengths to make the his world as insane as it is fully realized. It’s no surprise that this month, he finally gets a little more playful and action oriented. Frankly, it’s just what the series needed. Valentin Ramon’s big and colorful style dives off the deep end of the insanity and D4VE becomes a cold, killing machine. The playful brutality here will have you in awe, it’s unlike anything the book has put forward before but thanks to the comedic voice remaining in tact, the book doesn’t have a jarring tonal shift. Instead the insanity and gore is treated as a matter of fact.

So “D4VE” delivers a total homerun for its penultimate chapter. Ferrier develops his characters and Ramon evolves his style to show us something we’d never thought we’d see. It plays with the expectations of the story and returns to the roots of the character while setting the stage for a massive finale that is sure to be explosive. I love “D4VE” so much, and I’ll truly be sad to see him go but all signs point to an epic conclusion to this incredible series.



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