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Review: “Liberator/Earth Crisis: Salvation of Innocents” #2

Now that writer Matt Miner has dispensed with the exposition for his new chapter of animal liberation he jumps right into the action. Sarah is done being pushed around and when it comes to taking charge she totally excels. She might be a little more reserved than we’re used to when it comes to “Liberator/Earth Crisis: Salvation of Innocents” but it makes for a thoughtful conclusion to the powerful series.

WRITTEN BY:STK636082 Matt Miner & Earth Crisis
ART BY: Javier Sanchez Aranda
PUBLISHER: Black Mask Studios
PRICE: $3.50
RELEASE: May 7th, 2014

Being stuck in a job you hate must be absolutely dreadful. If I had to work for monsters Id be miserable, contemplating rebellion with every passing moment but I’m to weak to act on such things. Instead I’d just enter a horrible depression like most people. Except, Sarah is not like most people. She’s tenacious and filled with energy, much like Matt Miner. The energy transfers through the page and resonates with the reader.

So when Sarah is finally ordered to dispose of her only friend at work, enough is enough. She takes matters into her own hands and begins a personal quest to undo her workplace at whatever cost. What starts as a teardown of the lab ends with a personal showdown against the horrendous Dr. Reznick. She’s a real piece of work but Miner ensures Sarah never stoops to her level. She respects life and uses violence in a different way than the people she’s against. It’s a strong reminder of great ideals.

Javier Sanchez Aranda doesn’t miss a beat in this issue. He manages to balance the tough action of the climax with the preparation at the beginning of the issue without anything ever feeling stale. It’s dark but feels dynamic and exciting. All of the destruction is exhilarating. Aranda makes his art the perfect catalyst for change that demands your attention and forces you to root for Sarah’s cause.

Tying this story into the chracters of the first trade almost feels like an afterthought. Although it’s really cool to see Jeanette in the beginning of the issue, after a brief interaction with Sarah the connection is already over. Either it’s a simple passing of the torch nod, or a way to show that the world of vigilante justice is expanding. I sincerely hope the latter. I could totally get behind a Justice League like series following a group of Liberators who make efforts to change the world on a monumental level.

I really hope Matt Miner has more developed for this fantastic series. It takes important concepts and explores them through lens of vigilante justice without ever feeling preachy. Ever month with “Liberator” feels like a month where I’m a little more socially conscious about animal rights. It’s definitely made me more conscious of the horrible state of animal testing, which above all else is why you need to read this book. It’s incredibly entertaining, educational, and inspiring.



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