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Review: “Bad Blood” #5

By Bree Ogden

I’m sad. I’m really sad that “Bad Blood” has come to an end. But what an end. This is going to be a difficult review to write because I want you to experience this final issue the way that I did. So stay with me as I give you vague words of appreciation and love. I’ll start here: Maberry crafts a story like a fine watchmaker. He is a master craftsmen, taking the intricacies of storytelling, carefully placing them in their proper places, tucking them in nooks and packing them in crannies. Ultimately designing a story that will blow your mind and yes, maybe bring you to tears.

badblood5WRITTEN BY: Jonathan Maberry
ART BY: Tyler Crook
PUBLISHER: Dark Horse Comics
PRICE: $3.99
RELEASE: May 7, 2014

First off, we’ve been treated to some unique vampire mythology in this series thus far, but in this final issue, the vampire mythos that Maberry creates is stunning. It’s sophisticated and it’s…it’s perfect. He uses real life figures and events to explain vampires in a way that feels real. He creates a vampire world we’ve never seen before but feel like we’ve lived in forever.

Vale, who we last saw betraying Trick and Lolly by turning them over to Lord Sturge, and we now see is actually a vampire himself, explains to the kids that in ancient times, when humans used natural cures, vampires were healthy because it was safe to drink human blood, the blood was untainted. Then humanity evolved and synthetic drugs, pollution, etc., came into play and these factors were the vampires’ apocalypse. One word: Brilliant. What a unique concept. What an exquisite backstory for vampires: humans unknowingly killing vampires they don’t even know exist!

Because Lord Sturge is sick from that first issue of “Bad Blood” when he drank from Trick, he is polluting his entire house of vampires. So naturally, they blame Trick for their impending deaths. Heavy. It’s a lot for a college kid to take on.

Though Vale is of a different vampire house than that of Lord Sturge, he wants to make amends. Vale is offering up Trick and Lolly as gifts to make peace between the Vampire Houses. He made them strong for Sturge. Trick is in remission, no more chemo, and Lolly is off drugs, therefore Sturge can feast… making his entire house healthy again.

And that’s where I leave you. That’s all the plot detail I’m giving you. Because what happens next is straight dazzling and I refuse to give anything away. I need to know that when you read this comic book, you will experience the shock, awe, humor, irritation, love, and sadness that I experienced.

This has been such an amazing comic book to follow. From the first issue, I could have never imagined we’d end up here. I should have known though, because Maberry is a genius storyteller. Enjoy, kids. It’s damn good. This… this is us winning.



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