[Review] ‘Late Phases’ Is a Badass Werewolf Shocker With Loads of Heart

  • J Jett

    i’m dying to see this movie. i’ve been hearing only good things about it.

  • Grimphantom

    This will be a good option than the horrible Universal monsters universe they have for the Wolfman.

  • Cichy

    I really liked Damici in Stake Land. Really hyped to see this movie too

  • Nvidiatroll

    I enjoyed it, thumbs up!

  • solowd

    It’s not as good as Bubba Ho-tep, the gold standard for old-person horror-comedies, or Dog Soldiers, the gold standard for werewolf horror-comedies. But it’s definitely worth seeing. Nick Damici is very good.

    • Daniel Baldwin

      I don’t think I have ever seen Dog Soldiers referred to as a comedy before. Sure, it has some funny lines and great banter, but I can’t see labeling it a horror comedy.

  • J Jett

    THIS MOVIE WAS PRETTY BAD. the cast is VERY good (my god Tina Louise…god love her but her plastic surgery looks horrifying) but this movie was really bad. a SILVER BULLET wannabe IMO. the creature fx look atrocious. etc, etc. big big disappointment.

    • McGilli

      Just watched it now. It was like a made for tv drama. Boring. Dog soldiers and Underworld still have the best looking werewolves IMO. This movie looked – well like werewolves would look like on SyFi channel…

      You know – I watched Zombeavers last night. And even though the beavers were basically puppets – they were 100 times scarier than than anything in this movie.

  • jennifer9251

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  • McGilli

    Watched Dog Soldiers again last night – putting on Late Phases right now….

    • McGilli

      Wish I hadn’t.

    • zombie84_41

      Nothing can beat dog soldiers

  • Chip Draper

    This movie wasTERRIBLE…..

  • J Jett

    PATRICK COOPER……i DO respect your opinion regarding this movie but i honestly can’t believe you gave it a good 5 out of 5 star review!! this movie IMO was incredibly bad.

  • J Jett

    i just watched the horror/comedy (in the vein of SHAUN OF THE DEAD) called HOUSEBOUND and it’s AWESOME!!


    i highly recommend this movie. it’s a perfect blend of black comedy and horror. excellent movie.

    • Chamber

      Now THAT is an awesome movie, and I hate horror/comedy.

    • wikig1itch

      Great film, one of my favourite of the year so far

  • zombie84_41

    I really agree it was a very well made werewolf movie, the effects were nuts too, and it wasn’t as gory as you would expect it to be.

  • Ryan Kuck

    I loved it! Nick Damici did what Nick Damici does!

  • EB

    After watching Wer, I could use a werewolf film that is actually good. I’ll check this one out for sure.

    • Darby O’ Gill


    • Chamber

      Wer was amazing. WTF are you talking about?

      • EB

        Wer was amazing. Amazingly bad. That’s what I’m talking about. Lame and predictable story, awful VFX, a punted ending. Just terrible.

        • Chamber

          Your opinion is wrong and you should feel bad. “Horrible film” is not synonymous with horrible personal taste. You have the latter. Sorry to be the one to break it to you.

          • EB

            Wow! Your eloquent defense of Wer has me convinced!! Move over American Werewolf in London, the throne of greatest werewolf film of all time now belongs to Wer!!!!

  • Joseph Richardson

    movie was barbage 1/5

  • 2016?

    This was NOT a good film. A half assed effort with a ridiculous script… 1.5/5

  • Michael Dippolito

    I am overly surprised this movie got the score it did. The only good thing was Nick. Everything else was just drowned out noise.