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[TV Review] “The Walking Dead” Episode 515, ‘Try’

“Try” begins with the most tonally jarring cold open The Walking Dead has ever produced. Everything at the house mourning last week’s loss to the soundtrack of Nine Inch Nails felt incredibly out of place, and oddly forced to make the viewer feel some sort of discord with Deanna and Reg. But, it didn’t feel authentic. Luckily, it was saved by the brief tease of Aaron and Daryl finding some glimmer of a survivor in the distance. Creating an awkward juxtaposition to kick things off.

Nicholas’ testimony was pure and utter bullshit. I wish Glenn left him out there. Alexandria’s discrepancies with the harsh reality of the outside world are starting to add up. It’s nice to see since everything felt so isolated and tonally off in week’s past. Glenn’s persistence that things need to work here gave me hope. He’s right. This is one of those times where Rick isn’t going to do the right thing. Acting against Alexandria would is a mistake, but since it’s all embodied in this abusive husband, he’s compelled to act. You can see the pain in Andrew Lincoln’s performance as he grips the gun during the night scene with Pete. This isn’t easy for him, but it’s here where Rick’s mind is already made up.

Michonne has been vastly under utilized in the back half of this season. Her scenes embody this vague sense of loss with extra emphasis on the vague. Tonight felt a little different by giving her a clear goal in helping Sasha. She’s been a driven warrior for so long that it was nice to see her out in the world again. Sasha’s insanity was a great way to bring Michonne back from the brink of mediocrity and gave perfect motivation for the final scene. I loved the three ladies taking on the waves of zombies but Sasha’s insistence that she doesn’t need help is going to get her killed.

I really strain to see how both her and Michonne are so upset over Noah’s death, when they just met the guy so recently. I’d get it if he contributed something to the group or even had one redeeming moment on the series, but this sort of emotional fallout just feels forced and inauthentic.

Deanna and Rick’s conversation about Pete made me see the error in Rick’s ways. Deanna is sensible, she is a good leader that is afraid to make the strong call, but life inside Alexandria has made her isolated to a point. It’s hard not to see why she wants to keep Pete alive, hell, it’s good to keep him alive.

That slow motion pre-teen running scene… I can’t even. All of Carl’s bonding scenes were awful, every single one of them. Whoever wrote the “It’s there world we’re just living in it” line should be ashamed of themselves. I couldn’t help but laugh at the forced sexual tension when they hid in the tree together. This isn’t the story for Carl. He could be such a strong character if given the right role to play.

After his speech to Nicholas, Glenn is one of the strongest characters on the show. His confidence is well warranted, but I’m beginning to see that every character in Alexandria is a waste of space. It begs the question as to how these people survived this long without experiencing some degree of bad stuff. It’s as if our survivors are the only ones who have lived in the walker filled world.

Aaron and Daryl’s investigation was by far the most invested I was during the whole hour other than the final fight. Finding that body tied to the tree with the same carving in the forehead was foreboding in all the right ways, but didn’t offer enough for me.

Rick playing cowboy is always a good time. But, his sense of justice is incredibly skewed. When confronted with the question of why he cares, he’s at a complete loss. He thinks he’s trying to help, but he’s getting too involved in other people’s business. I’m with him on this, don’t get me wrong, but I can’t help but think he’s going about it in the wrong way. His fight or die reasoning is sound, but his weird affinity for Jessie feels forced. I don’t buy their relationship, but I like that he asked for permission to kill her husband.

Pete and Rick’s showdown was incredible. That shot of the window was the perfect way to take us to the final commercial break. The fight was brutal, and suitable violent. More so than the traditional walker fight thanks to the editing. But, then Rick lost it. Andrew Lincoln’s delivery of Rick’s final speech was phenomenal, if not a little insane.


What an ending…





  • Weresmurf

    I disagree with Carl. I found the scenes pretty decent. He’s struggling between wanting to be a child, shown where he saw the videogames, and here, where he’s struggling to open up to someone. The line was fine, I think you’re being a bit dramatic about it. The fact he’s a 12-13 year old forced to be a man well before his age, while being then thrown back into a world where he can potentially be a child again, would be jaunting and jarring to anyone.

    • KingMarvel

      Yeah, I mean his scenes are stupid, but Carl’s trying to get with this girl. We’ve all done stupid things to get with a girl; Carl isn’t above letting her pretend they’re in a fairy tale or whatever bullsh*t. We don’t really need to see it, though.

      • J Jett

        i didn’t have a big issue with Carl & the girl’s scenes for the most part but in no way, shape or form was that slow motion “young lovers in love” run anything but cringe-inducing. lol. and there just HAPPENS to be a hollowed out tree just big enough for the both of them to be pressed up against each other…and the fact neither of them were even concerned about the dozen or so (maybe more?) zombies walking right by them…yeah i take back my initial statement. the slow mo running scene AND the hollow tree scenes were horrible and completely ridiculous.

        the other scenes of Carl & girl talking and hanging out though were perfectly fine. in fact i even liked those scenes.

      • Weresmurf

        Well you do to a degree. You’re seeing how different characters react to a sudden shift in their lives. Carl is regressing back to who he should be rather hesitantly, but slowly (well, given I’ve read the comics up to date, we’ll see 😉 ) Rick is too paranoid to relax, he wants to, but his inner self and wisdom won’t let him. Michonne is giving over to it, she wants to. Carol knows this situation well, so won’t let her guard down and as usual Daryls offscreen for most of it lol.

        • Tom

          That wouldn’t happen in just a few weeks. Everything in this season is rushed.

          • Weresmurf

            So, you’ve been through a zombie apocalypse recently eh?

            Also, TWD has taken place across almost eighteen months now roughly. There was six months between seasons 2 and 3. Months at a time between seasons (4 and 5 being the only time it immediately followed on), even season 1 – 2 had a slight break of time.

    • Tom

      It was just really forced and hockey. There was no indication that they didn’t have time to run away from the walkers, and if they didn’t, it means that Carl let his guard down to an unbelievable degree. Sure, it’s a girl, but he’s been living in the wild too long for that to be believable. The show really, really didn’t need that scene.

  • J Jett

    i have a feeling the douche bag coward Nicholas is going to kill Glenn in next week’s finale. the writers are making Glenn 100% extra awesome this season and too often when that happens, when they make a character awesome/beloved/kickass, they end up killing them off so as to shock the audience. i hope i’m wrong because Glenn is indeed my favorite this season.

    • linacostaa
    • liltrav88888

      man that would be a huge bummer and at the same time infuriating i was pissed just hearing him lie and question why he should never go on run again talk about a good ol fashion rick grimes blood bath if that happens lol

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  • Trinnity

    Great episode. Deanna made a huge mistake knowing Pete was beating his wife and NOT separating them. It was selfish and callous, just like a politician.
    Now it’s come to this.

  • daggerpaws

    Ok, I know they’re making this place out to be civilized, but seriously who’s got time for helium balloons in the zombie apocalypse?

    • Flux

      I thought the same exact thing, how many suburbs have a house with a helium tank anyway, maybe a clown or children’s entertainer lived in the area.
      at first I thought Rick was imagining the balloon on the lake, Pennywise style.

      • daggerpaws

        Yeah, I guess. They’re usually way more overt when doing hallucinatory scenes, so i’m not buying that it was imagined. It’s this red balloon symbolism shit that makes me shake my head.

    • Lily Tylor


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