Who Let The 'D.O.G.S. Of Mars' Out

When a series is described as “Star Trek meets Lord of the Flies for horror fans”, it’s hard to go wrong. D.O.G.S. Of Mars is four issue mini-series created by Johnny Zito and Tony Trov (Black Cherry Bombshells and Moon Girl), Christian Weiser, with Paul Maybury on art duties. The series was initially released direct to digital on ComiXology but soon Image Comics will be releasing a new edition in print.

The series follow the tale of the isolated captain Zoe on Earth’s martian colony as she encounters a group of less than friendly beasts. Her struggle to survive is not a pretty one to say the least. The awesome red and black color theme adds a great sense atmosphere that pulls you right into the book . Check out more details and a screaming preview pages after the break. Read on for the skinny