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Stephen King’s ‘Cujo’: Never-before-seen Photos From the Set! (Exclusive)

Photo Courtesy of Lee Gambin's "Nope, Nothing Wrong Here: The Making of 'Cujo'"

One of the most terrifying horror movies ever made is Cujo, Lewis Teague’s 1983 adaptation of Stephen King’s novel.

With the film’s 35th anniversary on the horizon (next year), author Lee Gambin’s enormous tell-all “Nope, Nothing Wrong Here: The Making of Cujo is available for pre-orders in both soft and hardcover editions. The book is a meticulously-researched, lovingly-assembled collection featuring thirty exclusive candid interviews and over two hundred never-before-seen production stills.

Bloody Disgusting has an exclusive look at three unseen images from the set of the film’s production with star Dee Wallace, animal trainer Karl Lewis Miller, and stunt man Gary Morgan.

“Nope, Nothing Wrong Here: The Making of Cujo” traces the film’s production from troubled start (the firing of original director Peter Medak and replacement by Teague) through the film’s legacy today as one of the most successful and well-regarded onscreen visions of King’s work.

Gambin provides a platform for the talented artists involved in Cujo‘s creation to disclose intimate details about their time on set including stars Dee Wallace, Daniel Hugh Kelly and Danny Pintauro, director Lewis Teague, composer Charles Bernstein, as well as Gary Morgan, the stuntman who periodically filled in for the dogs playing Cujo in a custom-made Saint Bernard suit (check out our exclusive shot below!).

Nope, Nothing Wrong Here: The Making of Cujo is the ultimate “making of” collection and the perfect tribute to a modern classic – a pure celebration of eighties horror, Stephen King, canines in film, powerhouse performances from women and much more. Absolutely everything you wanted to know about Cujo is here on display in all its vicious, frothing glory.

Stunt man Gary Morgan in the dog suit and Danny Pintauro goofing off on set.

Stunt man Gary Morgan in the dog suit and Danny Pintauro goofing off on set. NOPE, NOTHING WRONG HERE: THE MAKING OF "CUJO" by Lee Gambin

“The book is the definitive account of the making of this classic Stephen King adaptation,” Gambin explains to Bloody Disgusting. “When I do these kind of projects I tend to go all out and get incredibly exhaustive in my coverage. It is always fantastic to talk to the stars of the film as well as the director, but it is equally important to give a voice to everyone else. This book is a perfect example of that. I mean I went so far as I even got in touch with people related to those who were involved who are sadly no longer with us. One example is the addition of Mina Badie who is the daughter of Barbara Turner, the film’s screenwriter. Turner’s writing is absolutely championed in this tome, and Badie offers some lovely insight into her mother’s creative process. Originally assigned director Peter Medak goes into extreme depth about this also – he loved Turner and the two were excellent friends all the way through to her tragic passing last year, and he being fired led her to use the pseudonym of Lauren Currier. All these stories are just incredible and were amazing to research and report on. Horror fans and cinephiles alike are going to get a massive kick out of the book – I mean there is everything in here from the concept of using a supernatural element to Cujo’s condition being considered, to the antics that the crew got up to on the Camber farm which was out in Santa Rosa, to all the amazing recollections from the film’s star Dee Wallace and beyond.”

He continues: “There are a lot of amazing photos that will be included in the book, a lot from Danny Pintauro who has been an amazing help. His mother took a lot of pictures on set, so I’m very grateful for that. I also love the fact that people like Teresa Ann Miller, the daughter of animal trainer Karl Lewis MIller, has shared some great pictures of her dad with the St. Bernards used to play Cujo, as well as contributing great stories that she recalls as a teenager living with the dogs used. Gary Morgan, the stunt man who played Cujo also shared some fantastic photos and insanely great stories about the production! I mean this guy was there from day one and constantly on set – so there is a lot from him in the book which will impress fans, that’s for sure!”

Pre-order “Nope, Nothing Wrong Here: The Making of Cujo here.

Dee Wallace getting her makeup applied by Robin Luce (credited as Robin L. Neal).

Dee Wallace getting her makeup applied by Robin Luce (credited as Robin Neal) NOPE, NOTHING WRONG HERE: THE MAKING OF "CUJO" by Lee Gambin

Animal trainer Karl Lewis Miller with “Daddy”, one of the St. Bernards who played the titular role.

CUJO: Animal trainer Karl Lewis Miller with "Daddy", one of the St. Bernards who played the titular role. NOPE, NOTHING WRONG HERE: THE MAKING OF "CUJO" by Lee Gambin



  • Munchie

    Huh, I didn’t realize this movie was good.


      It’s got a dog in it too, incase you missed that as well.

      • Munchie

        Well shut my mouth.

    • khail19

      the 360 camera part inside the car won me over.

      • REC03

        one of my favorite shots in a movie ever.

  • Bart Crowe

    The mask to the Cujo costume looks really impressive.

  • Carl Chrystan

    Yeah, agreed it’s a good representation of King’s work…apart from the changed ending!!! To me, the novel was all about how easy it is for you to lose things and things to get f****d up (the advertising firm, the marriage, the dog losing his mind, the car breaking down) no matter how hard you try. So when….NOVEL SPOILER ALERT…the little boy dies, it hammers it home in shocking style, that after everything they went through this still happened. The book made me think. I know King says he can scarcely remember writing this book as he was p*ssed most of the time, but a lot of us speak the truth when drunk! There was probably a lot of studio interference there, and that’s a big shame!

    • Carlton Fisher

      I agree that the book’s ending is much more powerful (and also probably more believable, given everything they go through in that car). But I remember reading (I think it may have been in Stephen King Goes to Hollywood) that King actually preferred the film’s ending, because he never intended for Tad to die in the novel (that happens sometimes when you’re writing–characters get away from you and you can’t find a way to write them back that works). I’d say he’s wrong on this one, because the book works much better, but he also had some good points for why he preferred Tad living.

  • Prince Of Darkness

    This film was ruined the second an HIV+ Danny Pintauro posted x rated pictures of himself to the internet. What a little freak.

    • Tiger Quinn

      Oh fuck off.

  • Ress EZ

    The picture above will suit as my WhatsApp profile pic for sure!

  • Kathy Collins

    I read the book and then saw the movie and as usual with all Kings books the movie just can’t delve into the psyche of the book. I mean in the was written from the dogs point of view. In his mind he sees people and thinks ” they did this to me, they are making me feel this way”
    While the movie just made it look like this is what happens when a dog (or other animal) gets rabies.
    After that I have watched movies like Carrie, Christine, and It, and a few others and have always been disappointed. So I vowed that I just won’t watch any of the movies anymore. Waste of money and time.

  • Joe Birch

    Good job the family in this film had a St Bernard and not a kitten otherwise the film would have been useless

    • Stephen Power

      You must have too much time on your hands.

      • Joe Birch

        So must you for replying to my comment.

        Are you unemployed … you don’t look very happy in your photo. It would explain why you have too much time on your hands

        • Stephen Power

          I’ve never been unemployed in my long life. I’m an award winning photographer and writer, associate editor of a top camera magazine, author of 5 books and I’ve got 3 degrees (not the pop group). If we’re getting personal, you look like a waiter. 🙂

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