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Company Makes Flannel Shirts Based On the Color Patterns of Horror Posters

You’ll never find horror-inspired clothing as unique as this.

While companies like Fright Rags and Cavity Colors continue kicking ass with in-your-face designs inspired by your favorite horror films, the clothing company JCRT is taking a much more obtuse approach to their horror-inspired wears. The company specializes in flannel shirts, and their “Movies” line offers some truly unique flannel prints.

Specifically, each shirt in the line is based on the color scheme of a movie poster!

On the horror front, JCRT is currently selling flannel shirts inspired by the iconic posters for The Lost Boys, Alien, Suspiria and The Thing, and they’ve recently given the same treatment to A Nightmare on Elm Street and The Exorcist.

The shirts typically sell for $125 each, but at the time of writing this post, the company’s winter sale has cut them down to $75. Browse the collection on JCRT’s website.

We tip our hats to Zach Shildwachter for the heads up on these!




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