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Guillermo Del Toro Tweets: “Fuck Konami”

Holy. Shit. Guillermo del Toro just unloaded on Twitter in a way I don’t think I have ever seen a celebrity do so in public.

Del toro, who was once attached to Hideo Kojima’s (of “Metal Gear Solid” fame) “Silent Hills” for Konami, just tweeted out a single proclamation: “Fuck Konami.”

This was in response to last night’s trailer drop for Sony’s “Death Stranding”, which features both “Hannibal’s” Mads Mikkelsen and “The Walking Dead’s” Norman Reedus. Wait, Norman Reedus? Wasn’t he part of “Silent Hills”? YUP. Jon even noticed something intriguing in the trailer; it begins with a man who looks suspiciously like Guillermo del Toro running towards a tunnel while carrying some strange contraption. While del Toro has yet to be confirmed as part of the project, it looks as if the director is boasting his potential involvement in Kojima’s “Death Stranding”, which came in the wake of Konami’s restructuring and cancelling of “Silent Hills”.

Anyways, del Toro went on to praise Hideo Kojima, who is behind the upcoming “Death Stranding” after being fired from Konami.

Del toro added:

In fact, our very own Jon Barkan wrote something about this, proclaiming his 5 reasons why cancelling “Silent Hills” makes no sense. Damn, son.

You can read all about the disbanded “Silent Hills” by following our cookie crumbs.




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