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NECA Reveals ‘Chainsaw 3’ Leatherface Action Figure in Packaging

I demand at least fifteen of these.

After years of incessant begging from me personally on social media, NECA has finally given R.A. Mihailoff’s version of Leatherface from The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3 his very first action figure. You may remember that Mezco showed one off years ago, but it never actually saw release.

Due out in stores in mid-October, NECA’s retro-style Part 3 Leatheface figure stands 8” tall and is fully poseable. True to the movie, the blade of his chainsaw is inscribed “The Saw Is Family” and he wears a leg brace. It comes in blister packaging with resealable protective clamshell featuring new art from illustrator Jason Edmiston.

Check out the full in-package reveal below, while you wait.



  • I saw the movie 2 weeks ago with my 12 years old brother, before watch the movie we thought it was very ridiculous but we enjoyed a lot.

  • DanTheWerewolf

    I love neca so much

  • Necro

    FINALLY! Awesome news John, Thank You! I can’t wait to put him right next to my part two figure!

  • As mediocre as TCM3 was, Leatherface at least looked awesome.

  • Pissy Clown

    Loved the film now I will have a great looking figure to love too! Sweet!

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