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Artist Has Been Making Horror PEZ Dispensers Every Day of October!

We are so here for “31 Days of Horror PEZ. Present and accounted for.

Many artists across the internet are celebrating Halloween with month-long art challenges; all due respect to everyone kicking ass this month, I’m not sure anyone’s been bringing more awesome to the table than the man behind Chainsaw Estates, who recently wowed us with The Thing, Return of the Living Dead and The Mist snow globes.

On October 1st, the “creepy art and custom toys” social media brand launched 31 Days of Horror PEZ, and it’s been living up to the promise of delivering custom-made, horror-themed PEZ dispensers each and every day on the road to Halloween!

To answer a few questions… yes the PEZ are real and yes I’m striving to keep them all fully working within the customization process,” the page recently noted.

Carrie, The Ring, The Strangers, Shocker, Phantasm and Jaws have thus far gotten their own dispensers, and you NEED to follow @ChainsawEstates for daily additions!




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